The days of working hard to get into the entertainment industry are over. Hop onto a bus or train this time of the year and no doubt in my mind you will see these fame-seekers on their way to stun the nation. Whilst I’m here hoping and praying that this fad for stardom will grow old and be but a mere memory within the years to come, I’m pretty damn sure we’ve got many talentless people left to ridicule in the distant future.

It has become common knowledge that throughout the year there will be at least one brain cell damaging show on a Saturday night, the top contenders being: Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor. All of which are created by the likes of millionaire music mogul Simon Cowell. In recent years even he himself has hung up his hat from the judging podium, due to boredom or lack of care about the delusional hopefuls that he may be giving absurd amounts of money to, who knows? Who cares???

As the years have gone by it hasn’t gone unnoticed that these ‘talent shows’ are much less about the talent now and more focused on “Who’s she dating?” “What is he wearing?” “Does she need to shed a few pounds?” Insanity. Yet people are still waiting for these 3+ months of television to come in and take over their lives. It is now guaranteed that the day after the show is aired there will be at least one article on a contestants ‘troubled life’. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending my evening watching some tone deaf optimist try to ‘win the hearts of the nation’ by singing songs that they can’t even remember the lyrics to. Please tell me that these people are not the only talent we have left in our country!

Of course, it would be an absolute shame if you were to miss the audition stage of the shows. Teenage boys dressed exactly the same with their trusty guitars, that one guy that thinks he’s Michael Jackson and of course the gran with the karaoke machine. All talentless, but all get their 3 minutes of fame. What a joke.

So, for the sake of all that is good in the world, avoid these talent shows at all costs. You know that busker you see in the centre of town? Give them money instead, please do not waste it on this continuous disappointment we call British television.