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The 9.7-inch screen of the iPad is the ideal size for browsing the web. The extra screen real estate, when compared to your iPhone, makes a dramatic difference. If you’re lucky enough to own an iPad complete with a Retina display, then you’ve got the perfect package.

The developers of Rockmelt have taken that on board and created a web browser that makes surfing the web a lot of fun. Optimised for touch and with deep social media integration, Rockmelt is aiming to change the way we experience the internet. Anyone who has used Pinterest or Flipboard before is going to feel right at home here. The tile-based interface is nothing new, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work really well, because it’s spot on.

Everything flows together beautifully. A constantly flowing customised stream of news adorns the left-hand side, with the browser’s social media content fills up the wings of the app. Rockmelt aims to be a social browser, so Facebook and Twitter integration is key to the app. You don’t post updates through the browser, but Rockmelt searches for your friends’ posts and displays them neatly in a highly convenient way. Sharing to your particular social feeds is a simple affair, as shown in this tutorial. We’re going to focus on the app’s Facebook integration.


Step By Step Guide:



To make the most of Rockmelt you’ll need to sign in with Facebook. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to accept any permission requests from Rockmelt and there are a few!


Once signed in, you’ll be asked to customise your content. Simply hit Follow to add to your profile. Use the Add More and All Categories menus to be thorough.


Tapping on a story’s tile will allow you to read the article in full. Rockmelt presents stories in a very similar way to Safari’s Reader tab in iOS. Ifs clean, easy to read, and gets rid of distractions like adverts.


While you are reading articles, Rockmelt gives you the opportunity to respond via a series of tags, which Range from ‘like’ and ‘want”, to ‘hmm’. You can also add your thoughts.


Sharing to Facebook is straightforward.

Hit the share icon and tap Facebook to see this iOS 6-style sharing sheet. Change your location and who you want to see it and then hit Post.


Rockmelt doesn’t have a traditional address bar, though there is a search bar. Tap on it at the top to start a search. The tile interface is present again with a few popular choices.