For fashion bloggers, this time of year is incredibly exciting. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be the best season for everyone else too. You may be thinking “Fashion week isn’t for me, it’s boring.” But the week is full of fashionistas, supermodels and celebrities; not forgetting the creative minds behind each piece that graces the catwalk. An interest in fashion, especially runway isn’t an essential must have to get the very best of what the top trendsetters have to offer. Attending a fashion show isn’t as always glamorous as it seems, however, there is a stylish shimmer that everyone should pay some attention to. From New York, to London, to Paris and Milan – fashion week comes and goes before most designers can blink an eye. The shows are set up to give the audience a peak into the imaginative mind of an artist, but the catwalk isn’t always full of unwearable clothing and moody models. The runway is the best place to use the idea of the designer to customise your own wardrobe. The designs can be kept in mind during your next shopping spree and wardrobe refresh. Not everyone choses to splurge on designer gear, spending £6,000 on a new collection purse isn’t always in a student’s budget – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use fashion week as a real-life mood board. There’s inspiration at every corner. A new season means a new style as well as a new term. Paying attention to labels such as Chanel or Givenchy is the best way to a classy closet, but if you’re looking for stunning scholar style for 2015, Topshop Unique’s LFW show was full of popular pieces.

Topshop Unique1 Topshop Unique2 Topshop Unique3 Topshop Unique4 Topshop Unique5 Topshop Unique6 Topshop Unique7 Topshop Unique8 Topshop Unique9
Sophisticated shows are all over the internet – and nearly every fashion magazine has a twitter account featuring links to all the latest fashion news and polished pics are only a click away. By bearing in mind what you like best, you can shop with full confidence you’ll be on trend without even trying.