As a student of Journalism and Media Technology I was contstantly told “anyone can be a journalist”. And it’s starting to look like everyone is.

Journalism is always changing and it’s important to become mulit-skilled to get your name out there, find your own news, show perspective etc etc. It baffles me then how it seems  equally important to have  30,400,000 blogs involving Justin Bieber?!?  Yes. 30,400,000.  If this is news than Erin at is a fully fledged journalist.

Since leaving university I have made a lot of coffee but no news. I can’t help but wonder how much a degree in journalism is actually worth. This isn’t to say that a creative degree is not beneficial as it teaches you plenty, but I’m thinking it’s a case of you’ve either got it or you don’t.

It seems personal opinion now counts as’news’, and there is plenty of opinion flying about, and therefore plenty of homemade journalism to undulge in. Unfortunately for us graduates, this means our degrees may have been a little bit pointless.

Our culture has changed, we are our own news and entertainment. Documentaries are about bouncers, paramedics, gypsies and pregnant women. We seem to be a society content in watching the days goings on, when we get in. This takes away from the need to research, analyse and find new content. Aren’t we just repeating what we’ve seen?

If anyone can blog, and anyone can film, produce, edit, juggle, paint..Then how about we all save a lot of money and just get started? Or perhaps this is just the ramblings of a graduate with the post uni blues.