We have all probably been there. Our mothers and fathers, and most likely our grandparents and other relatives have told us about “when it was our day” and this is then followed by how people pulled together to help one another; to help each other to achieve something great and to be there when they needed it. But can this be said these days?

I have to say; walking through my local town, I personally feel this is a firm no. Walking through the high street; I hear people yelling obscenities at one another; an hour in my local town, I got called unspeakable names; and got told I should go kill myself. This is in a small market town. In my local job centre, fellow job seekers turn on one another; resenting that someone is “getting something for nothing” despite the fact that they themselves are actually on benefits.

Then there is the time I went into Morrisons and a little kid, who could not have been more than three years old was running around looking for her mother. Nobody helped her. I took her to one of the shop assistants, who yawned and literally with great reluctance put a call out for the mum to collect her daughter. Ten minutes later; a very aggressive woman comes up, has a go at me for accusing her of being a bad mother (last time I rescue her child, considering I hadn’t said a word!) then storms off, not looking for where the child is. Parent of the year material right there.

The sad thing is nowadays; everyone is so out for themselves; everyone is too absorbed in the latest selfie they’ve taken; anything that concerns them; other than that; they have no real inclination on what’s happening around them. I honestly fear for the next generation. I truly do.

Having said that, I honestly believe the “role models” we have as a society are no help. Our very own Prime Minister; encouraging it’s citizens to turn on one another in a bid to cut benefits for vulnerable people, encouraging crack downs on help for the disabled because they should be out there working (so of course that young lad who cannot talk or care for himself should be down at the job center). It really doesn’t help the country’s overall ethics when our own political leader and his party have literally gone back on and then some on every single promise they ever made during the last election.

Then we have the newspapers and media. In all the headlines; we have “news” of celebrities arguing with other celebrities; celebrities sleeping with other celebrities; or Katie Hopkins being paid a ridiculous amount of money to spew hatred on a particular group which unfortunately sells due to the fact that people seem to love nothing more than someone else being attacked. If I have children, I really want to raise them in a very media light area; I mean if the television highlights are really shows that show people having sex parties or their houses being repossessed, I want no part of it.

I know that “trash TV” has been the guilty pleasure of many for sometime; but why is it so thrilling to watch someone who is struggling to afford it; have their home and possessions taken away? Why is it when bullies are setting upon someone; why is it instead of helping the victim; do people automatically go: “you deserved it” or worse still; join in with the fighting?

It’s like Trolling; I find it a truly despicable thing. When I see memorial pages or a heart wrenching article about a suicide victim or in general a sad topic; I feel the need to support people or just to leave them be. What on earth drives people to automatically attack others; when they are at their most vulnerable; and then when people finally catch them; they then plead the “I have a family card?!”

It’s also the same on forums; for instance when your job seeking; even though you may personally be looking for jobs, you might put on the community page in case anyone else has seen any vacancies; the last thing you expect is to then get called all sorts of names, called a scrounger and told to get off your **** and look for a **** job. What ever happened to helping people?

And the same goes for religion; at the moment in my town they are looking to build a Mosque; to me this is fine as why not accommodate everyone; on the post; every racist is on there; going on about radicalization! People are people, regardless of religion. Everyone has a right to a place of worship. It is who we are as people, not what we are classed as, or what God

Honestly, I am scared for future children, are we really going back to the dark ages?