There’s increasing pressures to look and feel decent these days but it’s hard when you’re constantly having to sitting down, have little time, money or not too sure what works best. Here’s a number of ways you can keep your body in check.


Join a Gym

An obvious answer. Joining a gym can be quite expensive, especially when you’re usually skint but the benefits of a gym are great. Use of all the facilities. Machines catered for each each body part. Check your local gym for if they offer any sort of discounts for students too. A gym means you can choose whether you want to gain weight or burn weight. Build muscle or Burn fat.


Go Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to stay fit. An all round good cardio exercise and is also good for the joints. Explains why there’s always old people found having a swim. There’s always something quite exiting about going to a swimming baths I find. You can usually treat yourself to a nice cup of tea on the way out in the often present onsite cafe too.


Buy some Dumbbells 

Search for some cheap dumbbells. Start out low and gradually buy bigger when you feel you need to. Doing weights build muscle and is also good for the heart and circulatory system. It can also allow you to feel more confident and stronger in yourself.  There are also an awful lot of different exercises can be participated with dumbbells and are just a good honest way to stay in shape.


Walk/Run everywhere

Always walk or jog every opportunity you can. Keep moving. Just remember our ancestors were always on the move so we should be too. It also helps to buy specially designed running shows to aid you in your exercise.


Go Cycling

Buy a cheap bike. Take a scenic ride, perhaps with a friend and you can challenge each other. You can even used your bike to get to destinations, its fun, good exercise and its quicker than walking. Just remember to stay safe and wear a helmet and appropriate lights and reflective gear if you choose to be out on a bike in the dark.


Do Sit-Ups

Whenever you get free time, quickly do some sit-ups. Could be when you’re waiting for food to cook or when you first wake up in the morning. Either way it’s a good way of keeping your back and core muscles in check.


Do Press-Ups. 

Same again. Whenever you have a spare few minutes, see how many you can do. Chances are you won’t be able to do many at first be you will soon be able to more and more as you keep at it.


Diet Properly

The best way to stop gaining or losing weight is to eat properly. Eat proteins such as fish, carbohydrates such as potatoes or pasta and stay clear of sugary drinks and snacks. Also bear in mind that fruit drinks can be almost as sugary as typical fizzy drinks so only have them once in a while. It’s best to stay hydrated by drinking water or dilute flavoured water. Don’t go n any sort of crash diet because your body won’t respond by losing weight, it will hold on to it. Exercise and eat right and you will look positive and feel positive.


Motivation is key. You need to shake that lazy feeling and create a routine to do everyday. You could listen to music while exercising to give you that extra boost. Try to stay consistent. Perhaps even find a role model to look up to.  Keep it up and it will feel like a natural part of your life to do a bit of exercise everyday. You will start to feel like you ‘need’ to exercise if you cheat yourself.