Do you enjoy drinking? Of course you do. But drinking can cost vast amounts of money when you’re buying assorted drinks to attend parties or pre drinking sessions every weekend. Not that I’m promoting or condoning this sort of behaviour but we all know it happens.

So what to do about the cost? There are very few amongst us to who the thought of forcing down a bottle of white cider appeals and battling through glass after glass of the cheapest spirit and mixer can easily become tiresome. There is a solution however and it lies comfortably in the memories of our parents and grandparents. Brew your own alcohol.
I know it sounds un-appealing and tedious. I can fully understand that “Home Brew” isn’t the most exotic and delicious sounding drink. The name its self conjures up images of bloated, red faced, beer loving middle aged men but it can be worth it.
All you need is a demijohn (easily and cheaply obtainable via the internet), an airlock, a large amount of sugar and a store bought wine/ beer making kit. Following the instructions on these is simple and requires only one to two months waiting.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave after a little learning there are drinks that can be made using the same method with varying results. Store bought juice can be brewed, if you stick to cartons that say “juice” rather than “juice drink” nine times out of ten they will brew. As I previously stated the results of these can greatly vary and I have created some truly awful drinks. Imagine if you left the cheapest possible grape juice, apple juice, yeast, water and a huge amount of sugar in a glass container for two months. In fact don’t because I did and can promise you that it’s greatly unpleasant. It’s a drink I partly invented and it will forever be named “Muck” Did it brew? Yes. Did I drink it? Yes. Was I drunk? Definitely! And it will always remain the perfect drink to offer during a false reconciliation. There are certain things that will be nice on completion and this is not one of them. Trial and error is the key and its worth trying various juices to see the results. The longer it’s left in the bottle the better it will get. Even Muck its self is almost palatable after a good few months in the cellar.
Horrible examples aside a bottle of home-made wine can serve as an excellent present for someone when you really don’t know what to buy them. With Christmas slowly but surely coming up why spend days racking your brain and emptying your wallet trying to please people? If you act quickly then now is the perfect time to have up to six presents covered for as many pounds. So brew away! The only thing that remains is to drink responsibly, if you want.