Milan fashion week has arrived and all eyes are looking out for show stopping outfits and endless glamour. With huge labels such as Fendi, Prada and Gucci attending; the competition in creativeness is at an all time high and all designers are keen to stand out from the crowd and show their worth.

For me, one of my all time favourite labels ‘Moschino’ unquestionably stole the show. Ever since the wonderful Jeremy Scott became art director of the Italian wear he has shocked and wowed all fashion lovers from around the world. With last season full of Mcdonalds and Spongebob inspired clothes, all eyes were on the Moschino runway to see what crazy yet loveable style he came up with next.

Far from disappointing, the fashion guru based his SS15 collection on a lady that so many girls adore and look up to. Yes I am talking about the one and only Barbie. The whole collection was inspired by the Barbie doll look and all outfits looked preppy to perfection. Cute dresses, chic prints and a whole lot of colour, wearing any of this collection on the street would automatically make you a fashion statement.

Although the collection is very much for a girly girl, there is pieces through out the runway show that would match anyones taste in style, depending on how you chose to wear it. From vintage inspired pieces to crop tops and short shorts, I think from a creative point of view Moschino was the most outrageous yet fun collection of the whole week.

Moschino might be a little bit out of reach money wise as it is not a high street brand, but shops are going to pick up on the huge hype everyone has made over social media about this new Barbie trend, Soon every windows will be blaring with baby pink and flirty clothing.

So you better ditch them dark locks and look out the bleach blonde hair dye, Barbie is so in next season.