Here we have the brilliant and talented Joesph Gordon Levitt with his directorial and writing debut but if thats not enough to wet your appetite then he also stars in this brilliant film.

Don Jon is a film which focuses on the title character nicknamed as Don Jon for his sleazy yet vigorous way around sweeping woman off their feet and into his bed. From the get go this film displays our lead character as a not so loveable kind of guy. It quickly initiates his lifestyle by taking us through his day to day life; he gets up, tidies his place, works out at the gym, be’s with his family, hangs with his boys, out with girls, watches porn and it all ends week by week with him confessing his sins at mass. Now the whole film moves us through a routine in this way with Don Jon working out, cleaning his pad then being out with the guys which at this point we hit his first roadblock. When out he comes across a ‘dime’ as they call it whilst they scour a club meaninglessly ranking woman. This ‘dime’ or a ’10’ is in fact Scarlett Johansson who scuppers our lead character trying to make him a changed man. Not to Don’s knowledge though is that he suffers a porn addiction and just isn’t sufficed with sex because of his blurred lines between real life and porn.

The characters in this film are enjoyable. Scarlett Johansson does a pretty brilliant performance with Julianne Moore coming into the mix throughout who to me just felt like Julianne Moore and not much else. Joseph Gordon Levitt just flips to a totally original character for himself. After seeing numerous films by him I can easily say I’ve never seen him play such a character before who just seems so hidden in his own little world that he can’t see anyone else.

The film is no masterpiece (but it comes in close) but it’s still a brilliant indulgent into the modern day world with porn and how easily accessible it is with the youth of today being brought up with this realisation that sex is porn. It’s on the level of Shame with a different attitude and take on the addiction of the things around us.

Rating: 8/10