Yes, I know. By now, we are way to old to continue watching our beloved Walt Disney films as we snuggle up under the covers and await the excitement of the opening scene. You know the bit… when Cinderella’s castle appears and we all say “Ah”.

Ok, so maybe some of us still don’t mind watching some old Disney classics, even though we are a bit older. Whether it’s Finding Nemo that brings a tear to your eye or Princess Belle’s kindness in Beauty and the Beast, you have to admit. Some of us are still not ready to take off our princess crowns or remove the saddle from our trusty steed.

So, now we have established Disney is not leaving our lives any time soon, wouldn’t it be great to know one other thing? With over 300 Disney characters created, which Disney personality are you?

Here are some characters I have chosen, classic and modern, so enjoy comparing your personalities. I already know who I am!

Mr Classic, Mickey Mouse – Energetic, fun and always up for a laugh. If you are Mickey in disguise, you are the life and soul of the party but, people shouldn’t be fooled. Like Mickey, you have brains as well as willpower!

Mrs Classic, Minnie Mouse – Funny, friendly and always there for her man. Like Minnie, you are not a force to be reckoned with. Small in size, yet physically and mentally strong, the two of you would get on like a house on fire.

Pocahontas – One of the few Disney characters inspired by a real person, Pocahontas has the personality of a protector. If you are fearless and brave, your calming personality will always shine through.

Captain Jack Sparrow – With creative problem solving skills, ability to scheme, sabotage and end up back on your pirate ship (or in your bedroom) by lunch time, you my friend have mastered the personality of Captain Jack himself.

Tiana – Ambitious, hardworking and extremely creative. If this is you, you are truly Princess Tiana in the making. Although results may take a little longer than expected, when you reach your goal, you are always successful.

Cinderella – The classic beauty of the bunch. You are confident and certain of your own decisions. Having faced difficulties in your past, your present is magical’. You are doing your own thing and nobody is going to hold you back.

Peter Pan – To those of you who love to entertain, you might indeed be Peter Pan (Minus the ability to flight, I hope). Like Mickey you are energetic but, I’m afraid that is times 75. With constant energy, you possess a joyful and enthusiastic personality.

Dory – You may seem a little ditzy at times but, you are an underestimated individual. You easily make friends and have a very warm heart.

Woody – Responsible, logical and surprisingly flexible. If you are a Woody, you are always one step ahead of the game. You might not always agree with some of the things said by others, resulting in friendship fallouts but, that is ok. Your personality makes it easy for you to heal friendships and move on.

Mufasa – Confidence shines off you when walking down the street. You’re confident, not arrogant and that is what people like about you. Often more than willing to help and always seen as the leader with a supportive presence.

Ariel – Independent, strong minded and a bit of a rebel. If this personality sounds familiar, you may just be this little mermaid.  Often resourceful and imaginative, you are an adventurer.

Robin Hood – You are intelligent, curious and love to explore. Although fighting for what you believe in sometimes gets you into trouble, your caring heart makes you a hero.