Lets delve into the world of games, something I don’t often review but this game really caught me. With all the hype 2014 has given towards games is it any wonder how much criticism has come their way after release. We’ve had Titanfall something which sold brilliantly even due to its Xbox exclusivity but after release the game sort of fizzled out and died down on the hype. Take Watchdogs as well. Another game which sort of disappeared from our minds not long after as people sort of grew annoyed at how the graphics didn’t actually match up to the trailers and teasers which consistently hit our screens but for me that game fell flat due to repetitive gameplay and an uninteresting story. Now Destiny is another hugely hyped 2014 game and it’s sort of declining in the same way however more on that later, first lets talk about the game.

Now Destiny. Created by Bungie, those guys who made the Halo series and a few years ago handed the reigns to 343 Studios with Halo:Reach being their last instalment. Well during that time they created a new world, Destiny. Taking place on Earth (and the surrounding planets) Destiny focuses on Guardians, resurrected people who become, well, Guardians to the world with the last remaining city on Earth where a huge glowing white orb hovers which is called the Traveller. Still with me? Me neither. Yeah thats a lot to take in, within the first few minutes of the game. Your basic goal of the rest of the game is to eliminate the darkness which has consumed the galaxy and is continuing onto Earth. You play as a Guardian starting in Old Russia in Earth and continue to locations such as the Moon, Venus and even Mars. Like I said, very little more to the game itself as you journey from planet to planet completing missions or quests which more or less involve you defeating the aliens such as The Fallen, who feel very similar to the Elites from Halo and the Vex, evil robots set on destroying everything.

Story wise, well the game has cut scenes here and there but there literally isn’t any story. There is but just very little. You are told by this mystery person to do these things and you do them, thats it. Trying to defeat the darkness all at the same time. Now this is a huge issue for most people playing Destiny due to Halo being such a rich story and Bungie kind of slaking on the story for this. For me I wasn’t too bothered. Yeah Halo is a great, story focused game but Destiny was something different. I went in thinking, don’t treat this like Halo. It’s as simple as that but others tend to disagree. As for the running of all the missions, they don’t last long. Theres probably about 20 missions in total to do however gameplay is extended due to other, harder missions being added such as strikes which also constantly change with new ones added and this in fact is where the heart of the game lies. The heart of the game is all about how much can be added and it will be.

Destiny has this huge world. For one meeting new people in this MMO if thats what you want to call it but it’s the meeting new people, going on missions and beating some boss together. I regularly met total strangers, we started off together meeting each other on level 2 then did a few missions. Ended up being friends on Xbox Live then followed through to regularly go on missions together even levelling up pretty much the same time. This is what I really loved as I enjoy games where you get the chance to do things with other people so interesting and fun. It’s just great to go on a strike with two other people who’s strengths you know and work together well.

Like I said earlier I see Bungie really extending the world of Destiny. More planets will probably get added at extra DLC costs but I also think that we’ll get more strike missions and the game is already constantly adding new armour and weapons. Thats another thing the game doesn’t feel massively customisable. The armour doesn’t really change too much from person to person so there isn’t a huge amount to personalisation but who knows, that might change. Thats just the thing, for a lot of people out there it might not be a lot but theres so much to do in the vastly beautiful graphics that inhabit it. It’s well worth a play through as like I said Bungie did something different when they did Halo, bringing a new generation of games in and now there doing the same with Destiny!