Taron Stead, a 17 year old cyclist, was recently hit by car, a traumatising enough event as it is. The woman passenger of the car that hit him, instead of offering her help said she couldn’t aid him. The blood she said, was scaring her children and she had to comfort them instead before driving off.

Stead had bought a new mountain bike just that morning and was hit in the early day traffic almost 2 weeks ago. He was left bloody by the side of the road. According to Huffington Post, the male driver of the silver car that had struck him stopped and a woman got out presumably to help our fallen cyclist right? The woman informed him she couldn’t help him because they were late getting their kids to school and the blood on his face would upset her children. The woman returned to the car without even asking if he was okay and the car drove away.

Naomi Pickard, Taron’s mother commented on the incident saying, “Taron said the woman in the car got out looked over at him, told him she had children in the car who were upset and she didn’t want them to be late for school, then the car drove off. I can’t believe anyone would leave an injured child at the side of the road after a crash, but it was rush hour and it would have been busy so I am hoping that witnesses come forward and help the police trace the driver. There is CCTV in the area too. I hope the driver and his passenger who drove off see Taron’s injuries and think about their actions. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet, or I dread to think what might have bloody happened.”

It was left to staff of the nearby Sheffield University to call for help and wait with the teen until the paramedics arrived to help the injured cyclist. Taron’s mother has said that the local Halfords, where Taron had bought the bike were so shocked by the behaviour that they have pledged to repair the bike for him, free of charge.

A spokesperson from the South Yorkshire Police has since stated, “On Friday 6 March, it is reported that a 17-year-old boy on a bicycle was travelling towards Brook Hill along Crooks Valley Road onto Winter Street. At around 8.30am, the cyclist and a vehicle turning onto Mushroom Lane were in collision. It is reported that the vehicle left the scene. The cyclist suffered facial injuries and bruising. The vehicle is described as a silver Ford, either a Focus or Mondeo.”

Hopefully these people who would commit a hit and run on someone, which is essentially what this is, will soon be found and can be shown the error of their ways. Whilst most can understand that their children are important to not at the very least call for medical assistance when you have hit someone with a car is reprehensible and deserving of punishment.