Ahh, student life; the freedom, the fun and lets face it, the dodgy student accommodation! However, braving the peeling paintwork, wonky wallpaper and dusty decor is all worth it. For the first time in your life you’re free from the prying eyes of parents, and you’re able to do exactly what you like – even if that is scoffing pizza at four o’clock in the morning!

University halls of residence can often feel bare and cold, whilst rented student accommodation for students can usually feel extremely ‘lived in’. The chances are that you’re on a student budget too, so here’s a few cheap and creative ways to transform your new student bedroom into a warm, homely and comfortable space:

1. Affordable Accessories

Charity shops are a great place to start when shopping for affordable bedroom accessories. However, there is a very fine line between vintage cool and your grandmas unwanted trinkets, so choose your accessories wisely. Charity shops are not allowed to sell broken or stained items, so you’ll know that the items sold are in good condition.

Another option is to visit a car boot sale. Although this involves getting up at hours often unknown to students, you can find plenty of treasures. Try haggling at the end of the day when sellers are ready to pack up and are looking for a quick sale.

2. Use Old Things In A New Way

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With your newly purchased ‘old’ things you have the opportunity to be creative. Used books, for instance, are a great material for creating homemade bunting. Simply cut the pages that you want to use for your bunting into neat triangles using a pre-prepared template; you can make a template out of an empty cereal box. Once you have your pennants, effortlessly feed recycled string or ribbon through punched holes in the top two corners of each triangle. Hang your homemade bunting across your windows or above your bed to create warmth.

Vintage suitcases can be stacked haphazardly to create a vintage and unique bedside table, and can also be used as storage for off-season clothing – bonus! Empty mason jars make great vases or candle holders, and unused cork boards work perfectly as a jewellery organiser. In addition, look at what you already own with fresh eyes and think of new ways to create chic items for your student bedroom.

3. Utilise The Walls

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Living in student accommodation often comes with a few rules, and one of these commonly involves not placing anything permanent on the walls. This often leaves student bedrooms looking bare and unloved. If this is the case, you may want to print out a collection of photos of your family, friends and favourite snaps. You can then use white tack to create a collage of photos on your bedroom wall, this won’t leave any marks and adds personality to your bedroom. Printed canvases can instantly liven up a room, simply lean against a wall or prop up on your desk. Fairy lights can also be placed around your room, adding soft lighting and a cosy feel.


4. Get Organised


You may not have much room to play with, so it makes sense to get organised. Keep your bedroom clutter free by creating your own storage solutions. Always remember to utilise the objects that you have around you, such as empty cereal boxes! Cut your cereal boxes down to size, and glue recycled wallpaper, wrapping paper, newspaper or tissue paper to the sides to make them appealing. You can then use your DIY storage boxes to organise your drawers or desk.

Recycled tins and cans are also useful. Make sure your empty tins and cans have been washed out and then wrap with eye-catching paper, glue into place and use as stationary organisers. These two budget-saving tips will allow you to create pretty storage solutions that don’t break the bank!

5. Make A Statement With Bedding

As the focal point of your student bedroom, your bed needs to make a statement. Your bed will also act as a sofa for you and your new friends to relax. Opt for colourful, cheerful bedding, cushions and throws to brighten up your bed. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive duvets and cushion covers, you can easily sew them yourself, using material that grabs your attention in a fabric shop. Mix-and-match bright colours and patterns to create an inviting and fun look. In addition, don’t choose light colours for your bedding – you might be able to keep it clean, but somebody else may get the wobbles, whether it’s wine or fake tan before a night or fake blood before a halloween themed party, your bedding never stays clean for long.


With these simple steps, you will be able to create a warm and inviting bedroom on a strict student budget. However, always remember that any damage or permanent changes made to your room will have to be paid for with your deposit when you leave, so remember, no nails! Neatly store away any items that come with your room that you dislike, and always remember to put them back when you leave for home for the Summer!


This article was written by Danielle Bagworth, an expert in the field of interior design and a tips, tricks and hacks enthusiast. For complete bedroom luxury and sleep comfort she recommends Silentnight Mattresses.