I am just about to begin my third year of University, and the obvious emotions are running through my mind: excitement, nerves, happiness of seeing my old friends again, and a deadly, dire, fear that I STILL haven’t figured out what to do after I finally finish.

It’s going to be a tough year, and accounts for the majority of the weighting of my degree. So, in preparation of this marathon of a year I am going to have to grapple with for the next academic year, I began to pursue the internet for tips on how to manage this python of a year. Here are the best tips I’ve found so far:

Work Hard – This one will consume the majority of my life, but it’s ever so important because this year actually counts.
Ask for Help – I’ve kind of refrained from doing this for the past couple of years, but seriously, I’d imagine the work gets harder, there is a hunk of a dissertation to work on (I know, scary!) and the content, imaginably, gets more complex. So get into your lecturers offices’ early, and ask for this good old tips which they’ve been offering up for the last couple of years, but you’ve just been too *busy* to take up. 



Seek comfort in your friends – Your friends will be going through the same thing as you are, so yeah, at least spend some time procrastinating with worry with them for a portion of your week. (This’ll be easy for me, what with having four housemates in a relatively small house).


Relax – Whether you do this by heading down to beach – a key feature of my University down in Cornwall – or binge-watching episodes of your favourite show – see above for my top pic – it is essential that you have some down-time. Or, you never know what sort of wreck you may become!