Sonic Youth has been a thing of the past for a while now, and it doesn’t look to be coming back anytime soon. Each member is busy with their own personal projects, and if you take the time out to track them down and listen to them, it’s very unlikely that you’ll want them to return either.

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust, Thurston Moore and Body/Head, all showing aspects of what made Sonic Youth so great, but with more ways for the members to express what they brought to the table. And in between art exhibitions and Body/Head, Kim Gordon has gone on to tell the story of the band and the collapse,. along with her own journey before and after.

‘Girl In A Band’ is the name of her memoir, and it’s worth reading for any fan of the noise rock band, and the book tour she recently took part in revealed even more snippets, thanks to the questions laid down by DJ and journalist, Dave Haslam, who once had the band crash at his pad.

There is a lot to talk about, and Dave chooses questions which help entice people to dip into the memoir itself and extract the story for themselves. The set up, family life, the split with Thurston Moore, and opinions are forming. She answers questions bluntly, but not because she has a lack of things to say, it’s because that’s all she needs┬áto say. Her cool persona is everything you’d imagine it would be, and anything else would have broken an illusion. Though it must feel tough to be part of an ‘illusion’ in the first place.

A book Q&A typically dives into the books materials, rather than tracing other pieces of information, but it’s great to learn about the process, see a different angle on things, and be absorbed by Kim herself, rather than just the words cast down. Fun snippets of the night include Kim’s opinion on the city of Manchester (Dirt and grime… I guess that’s right), Mark E Smith’s desire to please, and American gun laws.

When question time came the audience got to hold up there hands and ask a question or two too. I asked the first question, something about Lana Del Ray or something (Music websites such as Pitchfork grabbed quotes from the memoir to use a click bait articles, and one quote was how Lana Del Ray isn’t much of a feminist and should top herself. The final book reads a little differently), and I was a bag of nerves, but who cares about me! She answered each question as consice as possible.

For mine? ”Some people have nothing to talk about, I guess.”

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