Conduct towards UKIP has been deeply worrying this General Election. Constant stories of UKIP banners being stolen, shops being vandalised, supporters attacked. For good reason people can disagree with the party and their views, but it is bad practice and an attack on democracy, not to allow people to express their views and opinion. Twice now, one of my local UKIP shops has been vandalised by intolerant thugs. And the left wing are supposed to be the tolerant ones. They call UKIP fascists, nazis, but the people who are causing the vandalism are in themselves adhering more to the fascist and nazi stereotype. To wipe out free speech and democracy. They are happy if what you are saying is in lines with what they are saying and if you aren’t, they will try to shut you up.The disappointing stigma attached to UKIP is leaving voters worried to show their support out loud. Granted a few UKIP figures in the past haven’t helped the image. I still believe that there will almost certainly be a number of silent voters putting their cross to UKIP on May 7th. Anybody who wants a proper say on real issues certainly will be.


ukip blyth

The UKIP Blyth shop has been attacked twice now. and it isn’t the only shop to have been vandalised in the space of six months.

Everybody knew before it even started that Nigel was in for a rough time, It was always going to be four against one. And no matter what Nigel said, even if it was correct, he got no recognition. His accusation of the audience being left wing biased was proven correct too. Apparently 70-30 although it seemed like more. It was unbelievable to see them all deny and downplay the supply and demand issue in the Leaders Debate. All too scared to admit there’s a problem. They’re happy to let UKIP take all the flak for speaking the truth. Then they sit back and entice brain dead voters with ‘nicey, nicey’ policies that don’t add up. They all try to say it’s purely a problem that rich people have too much money and we need to tax the hell out of them for a more “equal” society and so we have more money for services. Yet, what is to stop these rich people from packing up and leaving? They’ve obviously got enough money to do so. They always warn about this dangerous rhetoric aimed at immigrants. Seems like double standards to me as there seems to be a strong hate being stirred up towards the rich. I’m not going to defend richer people but it seems as if you have two choices. Either you believe it’s a supply and demand issue and there’s too many people and not the infrastructure to support them. Or you think purely rich people are to blame for holding money back, using loopholes and trickling down just enough tiny cash to keep the people at the bottom happy. Why can’t both arguments be explored?

Because we’re told that it’s wrong to even question anything to do with mass uncontrolled immigration. and partly because we’re told that immigration can only be a good thing. And partly because the other parties now there’s nothing they can do about it so they will swiftly move the conversation on. And yes, immigration can be wonderful. But not mass uncontrolled immigration. When something is properly regulated, it can be a benefit to everyone.

You only have to look at quite a recent “protest” organised by a chap called Dan¬†Glass. Who I must say, wasn’t questioned thoroughly at all by Jo Coburn when he appeared on the Daily Politics to explain himself. His Facebook profile clearly advertising an event to ambush Nigel even though he denied it was planned. Nigel was chased out of a quiet dinner with his family in a pub and the rabble caused commotion and jumped on his car as he tried to leave. Admittedly we then seen the stupidity of groups like Britain First who UKIP constantly try to distance themselves from. ¬†They launched a counter-act which showed frankly how weak some of the right must be not to rise above it. Anybody who claims to be sticking up for UKIP and isn’t UKIP. We don’t want you, we don’t need you. It only damages the positive discussion UKIP are trying to bring.

Don’t let anybody tell you what you believe in is a disgrace. There is always a counter argument to be made. Everybody has their own mind. Don’t be a sheep and just vote for whoever this or that person is voting for. Don’t just vote for whoever your grandpa used to vote for. And not voting at all is the worst of all. I don’t who you vote for. You have a vote. Use it on May 7th.