If you have graduated recently, or you are ready to take on your third year and are thinking about what will be coming next it can be a daunting prospect – especially since research is showing graduate positions are becoming even more competitive. The number of graduates hired by organisations featured in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers rose by 7.9% in 2014, which is the largest annual rise in graduate recruitment in four years, with the trend continuing to rise.

Specialist recruitment consultants Attic Recruitment take a look into the most competitive industries for graduates, and explain how you can land yourself your dream career following graduation, even if it doesn’t correlate to the degree you undertook!

Competitive Industries For Graduates

After your three years at university, you’ll have spent a lot of money along the way on tuition fees, student accommodation the lot – you might have landed a part-time job in the interim to help you out, but chances are you’ll have been left with a debt of at least £45,000 by the end your course. since the new tuition fees were implemented in 2012, debt is mounting up more than ever for graduates, and looking to forge a career path is the most important thing you can prioritise at the moment to help you on the way to paying your student fees back.

Following an increase in graduate vacancies in 2015, the graduate job-market has surpassed the pre-recession peak during 2007, allowing for more opportunities than ever before to open up to graduates, with the most popular industries being those in the business and finance, public sector, law firms and HR.

It can’t be argued that it is becoming increasingly tougher for young people to break into a role in to certain job roles, including those listed above, with research showing that graduate posts can receive over 50 applications, meaning the recruiters can have a lot of work sorting the good from the bad – it’s more important than ever to stand out. These jobs and roles are becoming more and more sought after as graduates all strive to land themselves their dream career following graduation.

Stand Out From The Crowd

As a graduate with little to no experience in the career that you are looking to go into, other than a degree that may or may not be relevant to your chosen field – it’s important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Focus on your abilities and really show your passion for the career, remember that you are starting out after three or more years of education and that starting from the bottom isn’t a bad thing.

Speaking to a specialist recruitment consultant such as Attic Recruitment can really help you understand your qualities and what your specialities you can bring to a role, understanding this can make you stand out from the crowd and bring out your passion for a role. It’s important to remember that you have just graduated and you can’t expect to land yourself at the top of your field.

Article supplied by Attic Recruitment.