The comic book industry is still bursting, with new ideas, new characters and gripping stories that still leave adults and children wanting more and more from their favourite publishers. Be it Marvel, DC or Dark Horse, we all want more of these stories. I have my favourites and I know that these ones will work as films.

Thanos Rising

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, I truly believe this now has a place in the film industry. Thanos, the evil Titan and a true figure of fear throughout the Marvel Universe, deserves his own back story and this 4 part comic series gave us the true story of Thanos, his rise. From his birth to his travels hat lead him to be the tyrant he is, everything is wonderfully put together, from love to hate, you can see Thanos’ journey to who he is now. The story is dark and twisted, something I think Marvel films often lack, which would make this narrative perfect for those wanting a little darkness from Marvel.


Deadpool Kills Deadpool


I know a Deadpool is currently being made, but I would love to see this happen. In this comic series Deadpool fights and allies with many copies of himself, with parallel universe travel included. Gore and hilarity ensues of course.  A funky and fun sci-fi, again, with more of an adult audience, this series is undoubtedly fun and silly, with the Watcher looking like a massive headed baby and Pandapool being born.


Teen Titans (Original 1960s)Teen_Titans_v.1_1
Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Wonder Girl, it just sounds fun and it really was for a read. As a child I enjoyed the TV program with the likes of Starfire and Beast Boy, but the original 4 were great to get involved with. As a film, it would work really well for a family friendly film, possibly with cameos from the original Flash etc. just to add to the nerd factor. It would take a coming of age story for superheroes and would be funny with the right amount of action.

Siege and Aftermath

This was one of the best comic series I have read, both of the series tied in wonderfully and this is something Marvel need to consider making two films that link perfectly. Siege Aftermath, still involving the fan favourite Loki, it introduces a more indepth look into the lives and deaths of Asgardians and takes you beyond the grave. A little bit of a darker twist but with the right amount of action packed moments to keep you wanting more. It would be interesting to see how this would transfer onto screen. But you couldn’t do this without Siege coming first, the comic was jammed packed with superheroes and super villains and would work as a massive blockbuster plot for the Avengers.

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Written by Gerard Way, this is based off the album ‘Danger Days’, the soundtrack is already written! This post apocalyptic, coming of age comic was a must read for me and it didn’t disappoint. The story was fresh and interesting as the only link it held to something known was 2 music videos, all of that inspired this 6 part series and it was uplifting at moments as well as struggling through the worst of the world. It was new and I know it would suit the film industry, hitting teenage audiences mainly, it would do well.

There are talks about a Loki film happening, and the comic would work so well. The origin story of the trickster god looks into other members of the family he was adopted into and re-writes what the films say. I love Thor and the sequel, The Dark World, but I still prefer the way the comic tells it. Loki’s jealousy gets the best of him in this origin story and he inflicts his wrath on those around him, however if there were to be a film made on a Loki origin story, I would want to see Hela, the Enchantress and Balder come into the story. I have the perfect plot in mind for a Loki spin-off, and it’s because of this comic book.


I hope I’ve given you some food for thought here, comic books can offer so much more and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. All the comics mentioned are available online or in any good comic book store.