There are a range of different factors that constitute being a ‘good student’. For some, attending all lectures, receiving high grades on work and getting heavily involved with the social clubs university has to provide are what makes a student ‘good’. However, for others, the requirements of being a student include learning how to skim-read 1000s pages worth of books each week, sitting in tutorials hungover without regurgitating last night’s double vodka and cokes, and making the student loan spred over the cost of baked beans, a few books and going out 3 nights a week, minimum.  Yet, i am increasingly beginning to feel that the hype around clubs and clubbing nights out three times a week is wearing rather thin, ‘what, you’re insane, you’re only young once!’ i hear some of you cry, ‘actually, no i feel the same, i’m too busy and tired to get drunk all the time’ divide the other half. The question? Am i getting old?

Charlie Brooker’s article questioning the appeal of clubs got me thinking. Branding nightclubs ‘hell’ he focused in the article on how materialistic, fake and generally boring nightclubs are. Known to my peers as ‘the girl who goes out all the time’, i have to say that i am beginning to fall under the influence of Brooker’s claims, i genuinely am starting to feel fed up of clubbing. Instead, i’d much rather go to a pub, where i can actually hear the conversation being held, and drink civilly and in moderation (I sound like such a bore), and still be able to remember my night the day after. Clubbing nights however are painful if not enough alcohol has been consumed. The sweaty masses of people stumbling and falling (be it due to 5 inch heels or too many shots) fill the room with an insane amount of boredom and bleary eyed dancers, mostly freshers, and me, in my third year panic, cannot fully enjoy myself, as i feel it was a time gone by, when i was carefree, had no deadlines the following morning, and most of all, when my body could handle the hangover.

An immense fan of music, i love the gig and festival scene. Nights out to be remembered with important friends definitely win hands down over drunken memory-loss inducing nights with people i barely speak to any more. House parties are a favourite of mine, you can meet friends, it’s cheap and free and you don’t end up in a sweaty, matted hair state that would put Medusa to shame.

Whilst i may think this way, i am fully aware that there are so many who don’t. My answer? Good for you, i am genuinely happy you have the time of your life out in clubs, i definitely used to (and still do some nights when i have nothing on the next day), but i guess i’m just feeling the effects of growing up, becoming an actual adult…18 is definitely not an adult in my opinion, but doing creative and enjoyable things like trips to Paris when the student loan comes in, or putting on film screenings as a friend of mine did the last two weeks, creates an enjoyable, relaxed and atmospheric surrounding that outweighs all the elements of clubs.