When it comes to choosing a career for yourself, the most important thing is clarity. Once your are clear about what you want to achieve, you will pave your life accordingly and work towards it every day. The key to choosing a career for yourself that will not only translate into monetary benefits for you but also keep you satisfied in life is by knowing who you really are and what is that makes you happy. Life is short to spend on regrets therefore its essential that you choose a career that will keep you away from dissatisfaction and constant regrets about underselling yourself.

Before you choose a career for yourself, ask yourself the following questions…

Who Are You Really?

Ask yourself who you are at the core? What is your true nature? Uncover the talents you have; the ones you were born with. Think about what comes naturally to you. This is because when choosing a career we tend to overlook these significant facts and often go after the money. This shouldn’t be the case. Think about what you really want to do in your heart and then pick out a career for yourself.

Are You Motivated?

If your job doesn’t excite you and makes you get out of bed willingly in the morning then it is motivating you at all. Think about your drive and your motivation. Find what makes you settle for certain things. What motivates you? and then decide on a career.


Do you understand what it will take to make a career of your choice? Do you have that level of commitment? You need to be honest with your dream and be committed to work to make it a reality, if you can’t do that you cannot achieve anything in life.

Answer these questions most importantly before you pick a career for yourself. You’ll be spending your life working for that one thing you set out to achieve so you don’t really want it not to be worth all that you gave.