To follow the success of the main courses and yet a further round of cocktails our order for desserts was promptly fulfilled and duly delivered a beautiful spread across our table. The Social Student Team decided to indulge our sweet tooth’s through ordering a diversity of desserts to allow for a comprehensive appraisal of the restaurants offerings, our order consisted of ‘Fudge Popcorn Sundaes’, ‘Vanilla Cheesecake’, ‘Golden Nugget Cheesecake’, ‘Ice Cream Trios’ and the mexican classic ‘Churros’.

Although the dessert menu is at a first glance limited (there is only 8 dessert options) when compared with the variety on offer within the main courses there is something to cater for all tastes. All desserts are reasonably priced, all under the £5 bracket, with all being suitable for vegetarians. Our diverse dessert order satisfied all of our cravings and marked a suitably delicious end to our evening.

The Fudge Popcorn Sundae was an deliciously intensely sweet experience, although potentially too potent for some. Smooth vanilla ice cream smothered with chocolate sauce and popcorn was complimented through the addition of a red berry compote which added light bitter undertone of flavour to the dish. Despite the large serving this dish was cleared up quickly and was a favourite amongst some of the writers.

The Vanilla Cheesecake served with a generous helping of ice cream was a dish where the textures worked together brilliantly. The cheesecake was light and had bite from the crumbly biscuit base which was again bettered through the addition of a drizzle of berry compote to add an additional dimension to the dish.

The second cheesecake available is the Golden Nugget Cheesecake, this is rich chocolate cheesecake laced with honeycomb chunks to give an appealing taste with a strong bite. Again there is a risk of the dish being too sweet for some although if you can stomach sweet then it is definitely worth a try.

Ice Cream Trios may appear to be the safest choice when looking at the desserts, with this you can order 3 flavours from a selection of 6 and so the flexibility of the dish gives scope to appeal to all. The three scoops of ice cream are served in a large (maybe too large) cinnamon tortilla basket which when partnered with the ice cream is nice although there is a feeling that more ice cream could be added.

The dish which best epitomises the quality of the dessert however was without doubt the Churros. These were short strips of cinnamon dough stylised to mirror the traditional mexican snack and was lightly fried to give a perfectly crispy coating whilst keeping a typically light fluffy dough filling. This acted as a delicious sharing plate for our group and was so good that we ordered two helpings to share!


To summarise the dessert offerings available at Chiquitos it is fair to say that it is hard to make a wrong decision, we were able to sample over half of the dessert dishes in one night and were thoroughly impressed by all, nothing was left to waste despite over-ordering! If pushed then personal preference points towards the Churros as the top performer, not overwhelming but has enough flavour and when cooked perfectly (as ours were) gives enough reason on its own to visit Chiquitos again!

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