I understand I’m writing this a few days late, but thought it would be enjoyed never the less. I’ve never noticed supermarkets advertise Chinese New Year as much as they seem to have done this year. ( Though this could be down tot he fact I live in a bubble the most of my life). So when going around the local supermarkets I thought to myself, that I’d join in with the festivities and celebrate Chinese New Year – they year of the Dragon-.

I’m a fan of chinese food and thought it would be good fun to cook a meal from scratch, for my family. So I began with deciding what to cook. As I’m not  a natural chef I opted for something simple, so decided to cook a stir fry, with ready made spring rolls and uncle bens ready made rice ( seen as people seem to be raving about it, though I wasn’t a fan). So off to the international supermarkets I popped, to gather my ingredients whilst also snooping for a cheeky desert to fit with my meal. Though couldn’t find anything that I liked the look of. So I opted for making my own traditional desert as well which was fruit marinated in cointreau, wrapped in the same ‘pastry’ used for spring rolls friend and eaten with vanilla ice cream ( was amazing and would recommend it!!!).

When it came to what drink to have with my meal I came to a dead end. As I wasn’t fully sure of what alcohol is famously from China. So after doing some research I chose rice wine. So off I popped to the international supermarkets again, but no luck. So I decided to go to morrisons, still no luck. I then decided to go to a renound wine specialist in Sheffield, still no Luck. By this point my patience was ?!). I then resulted in to ringing supermarkets as I couldn’t be botherd to go to anymore places unless they had it. Typically the last place I would have thought to stock it was Waitrose. So have a little dance of excitment into my car a jumped and away to Waitrose I travelled.

I then began to cook my food, serve it and offer out the rice wine. After drinking it straight and realising that it wasn’t to my taste I opted to mixing it witg something where I didn’t mind it to much. So the night ended up being a good laugh and I tired a new beverage (maybe not to have again) I’ll stick to the yummy food instead.