Jägermeister – What’s the story? Produced by Mast-Jägermeister SE, a family owned business founded in 1878 in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Today Jägermeister is one of the fastest growing shot brands in the UK. It is unique, it is cool and it is the ICE COLD ‘in’ shot. Made from 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from around the World, the Jägermeister taste is complex and spicy. Richly warming to the spirit, it combines the well-balanced flavours of citrus, ginger, star anise and a gentle, pleasing herbal bitterness.

Meet Che Sudaka, a Latin American, ska-influenced band of brothers who hail from Columbia and Argentina. Lauded by the likes of The Specials and Manu Chao they play from the heart and regularly tour the world, bringing joy to crowds everywhere in the process. They arrived in Barcelona, where they now reside, just over a decade ago formed a strong allegiance almost instantly, one that has never wavered.

Che Sudaka have recently been signed to Jägermeister Music and will be touring the UK soon.