We haven’t even got the Avengers 2 out of the way and that other Marvel film which appears to be getting less and less hype, Ant Man, and we’re already shifting on to so many more rumours and ideas of what’s going to happen in the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. The latest is revolving around the all might Robert Downey Jr who revealed, sort of, on the Ellen show that they were working on Iron Man 4 however later he shot that down in an interview on David Lettermans show where he said he joked but there’s plenty in store for him and the future of Marvel. Now the man only has two films left in his contract and we already know one of those is Avengers 2: Age of Ultron next year so what could the other be. Well this week the rumour mill has moved onto the idea of Iron Man featuring in Captain America 3.

Yes 2016 the year of Captain America 3 but will it feature RDJ? Well rumours are that Iron Man had a small part in the script written by the Russo brothers (who directed Captain America: The Winter Solider) but RDJ had a read of it, spoke to Kevin Feige (the guy who basically runs the Marvel films) and the two decided it needed more of that Tony Stark spice to it. So yeah that’s been revealed and sources point that it could be very close to the truth.

But how oh how will Iron Man be able to feature in another big superhero’s film is what I hear you asking. Well let me lead off on to that. One of the biggest storylines in the Marvel comic book universe is first the Thanos story with the infinity gauntlet, which is heavily focused on at the moment, but another huge storyline which everyone wants to see is the Civil War arc. Now the Civil War story focuses on the government stepping in and saying people with powers need to register with their real identity and the government try to create a police force of sorts calling on them when they need. Now this angers some, mainly Captain America who disagrees and says their identities should be kept secret where as Iron Man leads another side who agree with the government and then, all out war starts off with Captain America leading one side and Iron Man on the other.

Ok, ok but how will all of this work? Well the way it could possibly work is that the third Captain America film will be Captain America Vs Iron Man (but maybe not that sort of title.) Iron Man, with it being Captain Americas film, will probably feature heavily as the villain, in a way. This will all be the starting point you see with the two disagreeing with each other and thus battling it out which will probably lead into the Avengers 3 which would be the full storyline of the Civil War comic. How can we tell? Well Steven Rogers aka Captain America has slowly been hinting at the government not being like it was back in the 1940’s so this would be one reason to lead us in this direction. Another is that Tony Stark in the Avengers 2 will create the super bad guy Ultron, sort of by accident. So that will lead on to some bad blood between the two. Throw in the rumours of Thor who might not be appearing in Avengers 3 which might lead to suggest that during the civil war story he doesn’t want to get involved, you considering it’s not really his fight. Other issues are that Spiderman features in this as a huge part as well but with some issues Marvel doesn’t actually own the rights to Spiderman due to Sony owning the film rights however very recently there has also been rumours that Spiderman will feature in the Marvel Universe and Sony has struck a deal but all of that isn’t clear enough to speculate on.

And where will it all lead to? Well all of this could end the Captain America stories considering Chris Evans is almost finished his contract as he wants to focus on other things. In the Civil War story (SPOLIER) Captain America actually gets killed so maybe this will happen in Avengers 3? When all is ruined, the heroes are struggling and can’t even work together we could then see the introduction of Thanos in Avengers 4 along with Guardians of The Galaxy and a mix of other Marvel characters. This story line might end the characters we have at the moment as there are a few who are considering finishing the films they’re in.

So will this work out and are you excited for what could possibly be one of the best superhero things in film?