After the antics of UKIP at their conference and the defection of Mark Reckless from the Conservatives to UKIP David Cameron and his party needed to come out swinging. Ed Miliband and his political advisors had dropped the ball with the issue on the deficit, seriously! Mr Miliband forgetting to talk about the deficit is inexcusable and plain right reckless. The stage was set for Cameron to deliver. Something which he duly did strongly.

Watching his speech last week David Cameron delivered a speech that was well articulated and in manner of someone who was self-assured and knew what he was talking about. Initially I was under the impression that the disloyalty and disrespect shown by Mr Reckless in the days prior to the conservative party conference would greatly affect the conference particularly when the timing of the defection was taken into consideration. However by the time Cameron was done the defection was no longer the issue I thought the conservative party would have to worry about.

Cameron speech was well written and covered quite a few issues that needed to be addressed from the economy to immigration as well as the NHS. The NHS has been in dire need of more nurses and doctors and it’s something both the Labour and Conservative parties have both acknowledge. Cameron promised greater control on immigration and a better NHS. The was a lot of talk about more being done for the British people and promised the new build housing for British first time buyers  something that would be most welcomed by most young people. However the biggest issue that caught my attention was the deficit.

The fact that he even mentioned it was already a leg up on Ed Miliband’s apparently forgot to talk and the biggest issue for many people. Cameron went on to say he wanted to put more money in peoples and family’s pockets, he said they would increase the untaxable income for those on  lower income and increase the threshold for higher tax rate payers to £50K as well as other tax reforms. It was all good being mentioned and all but each reform would take a significant amount of people in their respective tax brackets  the combined loss from the two groups is estimated at £8-10 billion and with the conservatives claiming to clear the deficit by 2017 it begs the question where is the money going to came from. How are the numbers going to add up someone somewhere will have to pay more in their tax bracket, companies might be the taxed more possibly but there is no guarantee?

There is a lot of money that is needed to clear the deficit and the conservatives where saying there will be a surplus by the time the deficit is cleared. If there is to be a surplus where is the money going to come from where are the cuts going to be made. Those are the question that went through my mind and most other writers I can imagine. Yes addressing the issue of the deficit and the mentioning what the plan was good but the numbers simply do not add up. That’s where the problem for the conservatives lie’s they needed to get the math right but unfortunately that did not happen.

With all said and done I have to say Cameron was charismatic and delivered a strong message something that Miliband failed to do in my opinion. As for UKIP as Cameron said when with comes down to it there is only once choice you either vote Labour or Conservative anything else would be madness.