Most of you will know that the hashtag #CameronMustGo has been trending on Twitter for three days straight. Every minute, at least 200 new tweets with the hashtag appear, slating the prime Minister for his unfair cuts and attempt to privatise the NHS. For those of you who don’t use the popular social networking site, you probably have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. ‘What’, I hear you cry, ‘there are huge numbers of people calling for the PM’s resignation and I haven’t heard about it? How?’

Here’s how. This national outcry of anger, frustration and the need for change has been talked about 107,000 people on Twitter, all of them venting feelings that have no doubt been building up since Cameron’s. As for the British media outlets? Not a peep.

The BBC, who come under enough scrutiny as it is, have made no mention at all of the trend. In particular, BBC Radio 1, pride themselves on being ‘down with the kids and that’ , who mention Twitter Trends when they relate to Taylor Swift’s most recent boyfriend, Iggy Azealia’s bottom or the pathetic trends that One Direction fans, or ‘Directioners’ create once in a while, remain super silent on this case. Rather hilariously, the BBC Twitter account @BBCTrending, whose sole existence is for the purpose of discussing current trends on twitter, hasn’t mentioned #CameronMustGo either. May i remind you that the BBC stands for ‘British Broadcasting Corporation’, which gives the impression that it is for the British people, rather than politicians and bankers with money. We have the tabloids for that. Clearly, the BBC has disappointed us on every level.

The Sun tabloid, (which I simply refuse to call a newspaper given that there is such a tiny slice of news, and rather more derogatory language and pictures of women and sensationalism of benefit-users and immigrants) has always been a Conservative paper, and it is no wonder that they ignore the trend in favour of Paul Gascoigne’s alcoholism 9see below), given that they helped Cameron to win his election by publishing a page full of page 3 models with their tits out, pleading to the readers that they will lose their jobs if Conservatives don’t win the election. However, for a paper that claims to be so British and focused on Britain’s needs for Britain, they are doing an astonishing job of ignoring a large proportion of British Twitter users.

Source: The Sun 24/11/2014

The Sun favours the F1 results and Paul Gascoigne rather than the three-day twitter trend

International papers, like Huffington Post and the International Business Times, have recently began to report on the furore of the British people. Not long after, the Guardian published an article reporting on the trend, and no doubt more will follow. but we must ask, Rupert Murdoch – who, let’s face it, is probably responsible for every media outlet not reporting on this – what are you so afraid of?

Is it that the British people are powerful in their numbers? The Sun and the Conservatives are very good at dividing the British people, whether it be because of skin colour, wealth, religious belief or gender. After all, it’s easier to rule people who are divided. If the British people realised just how powerful we are, there would be no chance of the NHS becoming privatised.

NHS privatisation and cutbacks are a key issue that seems to have been the last straw for many people. Not only are hospitals and practitioners becoming more and more stretched as funding and staff are cut, but their performance is now more scrutinised than ever before. This comes with the recent news that surgeon’s success rates in the theatre will be publicised. Though this information is being made public with ‘good’ intentions, it may lead to yet more pressure on a healthcare system which we are extremely lucky to have. In how many countries could you get free cancer treatment? Soon, not even this one.

Source: twitter @LabourLeft

The PM’s selfish decisions are now coming back to bite him as NHS strikes cause the surface to bubble

If you aren’t interested in politics, fine. But you should be. Especially now. the world as we know it is changing, and people we should be able to trust are more than willing to pay off our healthcare system and increase poverty, unemployment and stress among the country in exchange for a few million £s.

Finally, here’s a message to Mr Cameron and his comrades from those of us who do care about the future of this beautiful country. We are coming for you, and in the end, you won’t be able to stop us.