I understand that the great mystery of love in terms of western society is Passion! Passion! Passion! To say ‘I cannot live without you!’ The more one feels desired and special the more one is flattered. One must come from an altruistic view point in order to utilize his passion in a positive manner. The man of passion is a man of joy, a man with the passion of life and so one could say this man is a gift of life? A mystical confidence of profound spiritual connections who loves each woman with the same passion and his whole self and in doing connects them to the ultimate passion which is that of God? (love).One must be true to his passion or the passion will be seen for what it is: False passion. One must truly love women and in the most profound sense of the word. Love them on every level of their being that making a woman smile is more than enough. Love in this sense is treated as an art by the seducer who knows heaven itself is created by ones own imagination.

He who seeks the quantity of the divine in many lives in moments of admiration and pleasure. He devours the beauty of divine creatures and lets the beauty possess him. He desires all that life has to offer and sees beauty in all things. “How blest am I in this discovering thee!

To enter in these bonds is to be free;

Then where my hand is set, my seal shall be.

Full nakedness! All joys are due to thee,

As souls unbodied, bodies unclothed must be”

One single emotion tied in knots deep in the fountain of knowledge where imagination inflames the universe..the poets and philosophers the grand masters in the perfect vision of those whose hearts are dry. Seeing clearly the intensity of him who being loved glimpses the fate set upon his head.

The irresistible gentle form of the character that is exemplified in calmness which creates a delightful portrait of safety and strength. It is essential to the heart and without it would be deemed loveless and pointless. What is his spirit and his soul and his mind? The poetic glimmers of dawn. And who understands such a thing? Is it immoral to love many in such a manner? There can be no violence and no objects or the passion loses sight of itself. Your physical desires are but a distant wind upon the desires of the soul. One must laugh towards the sky and find joy in the pure and the simple. You surround the throne in the gaze of first love…and in the eyes of passion first love is all there is and every moment is uttered with luxury and everlasting answers.