Waking up on Saturday, it was a nice surprise to unzip the tent to another day of glorious sunshine in the Essex countryside. With no cloud in sight, our wellies (very often a festival essential) would be staying in the tent for another day!

Then came our time to brave the showers – always an interesting experience at festivals. Ten minutes of queueing was barely worth it for the drip of water with two apparent temperatures; freezing and scolding – and nothing in between! – leaving us deliberating whether we felt cleaner before or after washing. Oh well, it’s all part of the festival experience!


Fortunately, things improved from there, starting with the Brownstock Press Party. An hour of freealcohol, free Brownstock t-shirts for the Social Student team and an opportunity to meet other members of the media. Feeling in the mood to listen to some local bands, we then wandered the site and opted for electro pop band, F.O.X, on Main Stage, managing to grab them for a quick interview afterwards – check it out here!

As the crowds began to fill the main area ready for the headliners, we were once again faced with the tough decision of what to eat for dinner, and came back with a sweet chilli chicken and fresh coriander pizza from Pizza to the People – stone baked right in front of us and another great choice!

With work now finished for the day, it was great to relax, mix with other festival-goers and enjoy the incredible sets from Delilah, Devlin, Tom Odell and Professor Green. In keeping with the Social Student rule of “work hard, play hard”, the night eventually led us to the Saloon Bar, via an (incredibly spicy!) BBQ chicken wrap from the Burrito Boys!

Saturday at Brownstock turned out to be an unexpected (but welcome) step-up from Friday – bigger crowds, top artists and a twelve hour drinking session! Even the Sunday morning hangover couldn’t put a dampener on a great day and left us full of anticipation for the Sunday line-up and our interviews with Pigeon Detectives and The Fratellis!

Don’t forget to check back for the day three review!

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