Brody Dalle - Diploid Love
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The Distillers have been no more for quite some time, a pop punk void forming around the epicentre of their split. While bands like White Lung have come about to try and fill that noughties void, Brody Dalle has come back alone, and she has no intention of being The Distillers, sans band.

Diploid Love certainly sounds like a Distillers record from a distance, but one that has actually been distilled. The screaming has gone, and the guitars aren’t quite so loud. Instead Dalle’s songs lean more towards the world of pop, with each track smoothly moving along to her pleasingly raspy voice. More comparisons can be made to No Doubt than her band of old, but it isn’t to be taken as a negative critique; these songs can seriously rock.

There is little weaknesses to be found in her sound, it’s full of hooks while still managing to sound really ticked off, despite no longer screaming her problems out to the world. Though that maybe because her problems aren’t quite so intense, lyrically it can get a bit tedious. So many relationship based woes are tucked within these tracks, there is little to latch onto that isn’t being relayed a thousand times elsewhere. ┬áCan we carry on? Only to meet the foetus.

The music has organically matured as Dalle has, it would perhaps come across as insincere and even a little stale if she was still sounding like her band of old. It doesn’t shake any foundations, but acts as a perfect transition between punk and pop. Diploid Love is pop music for those who want to trash the radio when it plays the current hits.