After we saw how The Sun covered the terrible incident that happened yesterday, we take a look at how the rest of the British Newspapers handled it. From the good to the insensitive.

The Guardian – Good:

It’s the lead news item and features pictures of the victims, but no footage from the incident itself.

The Guardian -- Good


Daily Express – Good:

Same as above, with included mugshot of gunman. Perfectly fine.

02 - Daily Express -- Good


i Newspaper (from The Independent) – Good:

Same as the first two.

03 - i Newspaper from The Independent -- Good

Scottish Daily Mail – Good:

Small photo of one victim. As this is probably printed earlier, footage from TV crew and/or gunman probably wasn’t yet available, because …

04 - Scottish Daily Mail -- Good

Daily Mail — Iffy:

… the main version of this paper went with a still from the cameraman’s video at the moment of the first shot. Not good.

05 - Daily Mail -- Iffy

The Daily Telegraph – Iffy:

Again, the same shot as above, taken from the cameraman’s footage (hence the graphic at the bottom of the photo). Not the best option, but not directly encouraging the killer, either. Not good, though.

06 - The Daily Telegraph -- Iffy

The Times of London – Bad:

Uses three photos — one from killer’s footage, two from cameraman, including one of the killer after cameraman had been shot and fell. Furthers killer’s agenda. Bad.

07 - The Times of London -- Bad

Daily Mirror – Bad:

One photo from the killer’s footage just after the first shot, and an old photo of the killer in a previous job. Bad.

08 - Daily Mirror -- Bad

Daily Star of Scotland – Worse:

One photo of muzzle flash during first shot from killer’s video, with menacing mugshot of killer superimposed on top. Veering into propaganda for killer’s agenda.

09 - Daily Star of Scotland -- Worse

The Sun Bad:

Same photos as above, with muzzle flash and menacing mugshot, along with separate photo of slain reporter (but not the cameraman), and the kicker — in the bottom-left corner, a plug to watch the killer’s video and the cameraman’s footage on the newspaper’s website. Fear-mongering propaganda that serves only the killer’s aims. If that weren’t enough, the ellipsis is missing one of its periods. The absolute worst.

10 - The Sun -- Worst