A British couple who feared they would have to pay £130,000 in medical expenses when their son was born 11 weeks premature can breathe a sigh of relief. The New York hospital has said that they would work to ensure that there was “no financial impact to the family”.

Katie Amos and Lee Johnston’s baby son, Dax, reportedly born weighing 3lbs, is in the neonatal intensive care unit at Lenox Hill hospital in Manhattan.

The Manhattan hospital released a statement saying, “Lenox Hill Hospital continues to work with the insurance carrier regarding payment approvals for all services rendered by the hospital, anesthesia and physician services from their insurance carrier. We will ensure that there will be no financial impact to the family. In addition, our staff has been going above and beyond to ease the overall experience for the family, from arranging a place to live for the duration of their stay to helping them communicate with their family in the UK.”

Before this story had generated that much media attention a friend of the couple back here in England had begun attempting to crowd fund the potential medical expenses. Prior to the hospital releasing its statement confirming there would be no charges an online funding group was formed. The group, named “Dax’s Tale of New York”, had raised $9,577.68 or £6,248. The couple’s friend who had been running the short lived campaign posted on a Facebook group of the same name, “Great news! I believe I can confirm that all medical bills will be covered! It’s been a long wait but well worth it! Due to the publicity that has gone on around the whole story, it has forced them to pay!”

The reason for the bills being potentially so high was because Dax would have had to stay in intensive care until March when he could be cleared to fly home to the UK. Richard Crow who was running the page said, “Myself and a few good friends got together to see what we could do to help them. It was only really to be a local thing. It was decided we would start a FB page and I said I would run it. It was also my decision to do the page as baby Dax.”

The airline that the couple were due to fly home with this week has also promised to honour the tickets and allow them to come home safely in 3 months’ time. The parents and child Dax are going to have to get used to New York as opposed to their home in Lincolnshire for the next few months but when they do return home hopefully little Dax can get used to the English countryside instead of the bustle of New York.