Whether you’re just about to head off to University, or going back it’s useful to have in your toolkit some techniques for relaxing. University life does put a great deal of pressure among students, with deadlines, work, possibly placements and fitting in a social life on top of all this. We do need down time, and sometimes going out at night for a few (or a few too many) may not be the best idea, especially when your bank account is looking a little sparse. So here are tips to relax when you’re in serious work mode.

Yoga – There’s no equipment needed really (although I really wouldn’t recommend you practise on a slippery surface, it’s a disaster waiting to happen) and is fantastic, just to stretch after being hunched over a desk feels brilliant and as you’re concentrating on your posture and breathing all the other troubles in your life are put on hold while you are centring yourself. It is essentially free, there are tons of YouTube videos explaining poses and routines, and there are even a few for Yoga in small spaces, so those with limited room can practise without fear of kicking a lamp over. If lone practise isn’t your thing, then maybe check out classes in your area, there might be a reduced rates for students.

Do some baking- It’s something to take your mind off of things, mixing cake batter is a partial workout (or maybe not) and everyone loves cake! You could always make some cookies and use them as motivation- no essay, no cookies!

If you’re out and about and don’t have much available to help you relax, either take a few deep breaths (cliche, I know, but it it’s cliche for a reason..it works) or try and remember the lyrics to a song to take your mind off of what’s stressing you and helps you mentally regroup.

Remember to keep on taking short breaks when studying, and try to be sensible about the habits you make. Try to keep on top of the notes you make and the work set, when it comes round to exam and essay deadline time, you really will thank yourself. If the worst comes to the worst, just listen to these relaxing whale sounds.