“I can’t afford it.” Is a phrase said by most students- some of which get hundreds of pounds in loans, grants and bursaries. Some are lucky enough to receive money from parents. Overall, the majority of students receive a comfortable amount of money in which to live?


Every week I slowly see my bank balance getting further into my over draft, and every week I say to myself: “This week, I really should do a food shop; I have to spend less, and I definitely am not to go on any nights out.” Although, every week, I never fail to choose a night out, buy a new item of clothing I ‘desperately need’ for that night and carry on eating what I can find in my cupboards.

Student life really is all booze and no food. These days, I find myself living off jacket potatoes or ‘pub grub’ to pass the hour-long gaps we have in a typical uni day. I’ve become a typical lazy student, where the thought of cooking is less appealing than going hungry. My theory is: by not eating for a week, comfortably pays for a night out.

I’m not the only student who has developed bizarre eating habits. One housemate, Rhiannon, can’t get through a day without a pot noodle and a can of coke. Her mini fridge is never empty of chocolate and her stash of Belgian goodies sent from her mum is never far away. Mary, she’s got the right idea- she goes to her boyfriends for dinner every night!

Then again, us poor, starving students find it perfectly acceptable to spend at least a fiver on takeaway at 3 in the morning after a night out. For me, it’s actually what I look forward to. It’s almost as though, if you’re drunk and forget by the morning, your bank balance will forgive and forget too!?

Not the case.

Going home to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk every now and then really is a treat. If not to see friends and family, but for the guaranteed roast dinner my mum will make every Sunday without fail. In fact, any home cooked meal beats anything I had previously eaten at uni and since living on my own as a student I have never appreciated ‘mum’s meals’ as much as I do now!