The family of Bobbi Kristina Brown are said to be gathering by her bedside to say their final goodbyes according to People Magazine after being found unresponsive in a bath tub at her Atlanta home on 31 January.

Bobbi Kristina, 21, daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was placed into a medically induced coma following the incident and is said to have minimal brain function. This is a tragedy that many on social media are drawing parallels between as Bobbi Kristina’s mother, Whitney, died three years ago under similar circumstances.

Despite reports stating Miss Brown has been taken off life support following speculation that doctors are unable to anything else for the 21 year old, TMZ reports her father Bobby Brown won’t take his daughter off life support. According to TMZ Bobby Brown is praying for a miracle that will save his daughter who is currently breathing with a ventilator.

The 21 year old is currently hospitalised at Emory University Hospital, Atlanta and does not appear to be improving according to Bobbi Kristina’s cousin Jerod Brown, also known as YF Kennedy, who took to Instagram to voice his concern:

“Though it seems the odds are against her, though doctors don’t see any hope for change, though we might want to play detective…though it looks impossible for her to stand again STILL PRAY FOR BK [Bobbi Kristina]”.

The Houston family also made a statement regarding the well being of Bobbi Kristina, “Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family.

“As her father already stated, we are asking you to honour our request for privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, and we greatly appreciate your continued support.”

Jerod also took to Twitter to inform followers of his cousin’s critical condition and is using the #PrayForBK.