Do you ever get those moments?

Those horrible, horrible moments when there is just nothing on TV?

The Hollyoaks you missed isn’t showing again until 7:30, the reoccurring Eastenders storylines are way too boring and that show (the one you can never remember the name of), has already been long lost and forgotten somewhere in your Sky box of missed memories and forgotten dreams.

But don’t worry guys; the moment has come for a new form of old entertainment to be reintroduced back into your lives.

That is right; board games are making a comeback to dining room tables, living room floors and the back seats of cars (for you lucky so-n-sos with travel sized games) everywhere. Your long lost childhood friends are calling for the dust to be blown, or wiped off their boxes and the real fun and enjoyment to begin.

So, what was your first choice of board game back in the day?

Monopoly (for the skilled cheater)

Scrabble (because using a dictionary isn’t cheating!)

Cluedo (for those with a sneaky presence)

Hungry Hippo (for the child within you)

Chess (For the traditionalists)

Trivial Pursuit – The Genus series (because you were simply born a genius!)

Ok, so a board game gathering doesn’t sound that fun to the ear “Hey, board games and drinks at mine for 8?”

Only a few silences but, once you make it a bit more fun, the possibilities are truly endless. Why not host a board games night? A board games extravaganza? What about an old favourite – board games, alcohol and snacks: pizza, crisps, dips and more.

Remember, board games are only fun when everyone is playing fairly. So, please don’t be the person to allow your cat to walk on the board (your cat didn’t magically open the door themselves – did they?) and definitely don’t flip the board if you’re losing.

So, with that being said, let the games begin!