Bloc Party have that unmistakable sound. Over the years they’ve been around, they’ve developed and constructed this into their own unique blend of electric guitar. Starting in 2005 and creating 3 masterpiece albums they return after a hiatus (and an ‘almost’ split) with the album ‘Four.’

The album is a massive mix, a compilation, a salute. Heck its something old and new. It has bits of everything from their past work and a little something new so really this is for fans of any of their albums and for new people too. Kele Okereke brings it back with his melodic sound in songs like ‘Day Four’ and ‘Real Talk’ where we get taken back to first album ‘Silent Alarm.’ Bloc Party really go all out with the post-punkness of the album with some serious guitar string plucking.

The album feels very close to the heart for the band. This time round they mess with something different with a few songs where they record some of the talking and chatting they had before recording. It really takes the glam out of music and makes them say “Look we’re four normal guys, making music.” ‘Truth’ is a slowly with a pop vibe and foot tapping feel to it. Don’t for get the ‘ooohhhs’ in this song which will have you embrace Kele’s voice and start singing along.

’3×3′ has some form of Muse influence over them on guitars which seems to work better than Muse’s. ‘Coliseum’ was a personal favourite on this album. I know this is a massive reach out for Bloc Party but it reeled me in because of its massive stray from their own unique blend. Its a sweet country styled song which suddenly pulses into a massive blend of guitar strumming and banging drums which reminded me of ‘Positive Tension’ a little.

This album like I said has a little of everything and it’ll be enjoyed. Not by everyone though as an album with a little of everything rarely pleases anyone fully. In the end its strong and good to see Bloc Party and dropping a lot of the electro-pop which has built up a little too much. Fingers crossed the band will be sticking around and we’ll maybe see a fifth album in the near future.


Rating: 8/10