I’m in no way saying my lovely little nephew is a monkey, he’s quite obviously a human being and will grow up to be a human being with his own thoughts and feelings, or so you would think. This post is a response to one of my original posts ‘The Colourful Game’.

So I’ve shown you a lovely video and told you this is a response to a post on racism in football how do the two connect? The video shows something very important, children will copy what ever they see or hear, they are great sponges and will absorb anything at all. whether it is running your finger up and down on your lips and making a silly noise, to picking a problem with somebody of colour because that is what your parents did.

Think about it, only recently in this country have we really took a hold of racism, within the past couple of generations if someone was to throw a banana on the football pitch such was the case with John Barnes 24 years ago there would be (and rightly so) uproar in this country. So in this country at least it seems that we have grown out of the beliefs of the past.

So how do you change the beliefs of a nation? I believe in this country it was because of the influx of different ethnic groups in to this country, which is in now way a bad thing. Being the accepting nation that we are we accepted people in and understood and learnt to live and work together. Something which seems to be totally alien to people in Poland and Ukraine if recent news paper articles, TV shows, news reports and word of mouth is to be believed. It seems possible to change the mind of one or two people at a time but looking at a nation how do you change the minds of 20,000-100,000 people? Is it possible? Well if you look at Britain for an example minds can be changed, it seems though that there are no hero’s changing minds in these countries in question back heeling the metaphorical banana in to touch.

With children being brought up in these environments then yes that is all they are going to believe in all they are going to follow, which is a total shame in my eyes as these children know no better. To travel outside of there country and around the world their minds may be changed. I’m not trying to say we should brain wash a nation, build a better future for a different nation. Surely however we can all understand that if we are all of the same species, then we are all the same underneath?