Guys and girls listen up!

With the 31st October fast approaching you may think it is time to dust off the bat wings, break in the werewolf boots (again) and try on that terrible gorilla mask your mum thought she had hidden away, in time for your Freshers Halloween party.

Well, let’s make this year different!

I am here to help those of you who have been exhausted, searching the internet for Halloween costumes that will stand out from the crowd. The kind of costumes that don’t get you noticed for the wrong reasons – if you get what I mean!

Check out the best Guys and Girls outfits that will make everyone envious of this years Halloween looks!


The sexy  Halloween look


Unfortunately for guys, Halloween is one of those occasions, let’s be honest, when you really are not going to look as sexy as you could! Fake blood, ripped shirts and vampire fangs may be the storyline of an erotic Gothic novel however, your sexy outfits will just have to wait until next year.


For the girls, we have plenty of choice (WOO)

Enchanted witch or sexy vampire? It’s up to you as Ann Summers has plenty of sexy women’s outfits to choose from. However, with a price tag of £40+ you may want to think about whether your student loan can handle it! (I’m sure it can, these outfits are way  to hot to miss out on!).


The Halloween Superheros 


Ironman? Spider Man? Maybe even, Captain America!?

For one night and one night only (unless you really feel you have to) you can become your favorite superhero thanks to Asda!

(Warning: While wearing these ‘costumes’ you do not and will not have the ability to fight crime, stick to buildings or  successfully  disarm a rocket heading for earth!).



For the girls who also desire superhero abilities, has you covered!

Female power is taking over as Superwomen, female Robin and more are available to choose from.


Amazing Halloween looks for those on a budget


I know guys, between feeding yourselves, having enough money for a least 2 more nights out and trying to figure out how to budget, Matalan might just be the answer you have been looking for.

Fancy being the hot vampire among the normal bats? Well, check out this little number. Add some Halloween make up to look scary or go fresh faced for that handsome, mysterious feel!



Want to be Mrs Dracula for the evening? Well you are in luck because Matalan has a matching vampire outfit for women!

Style with black heels or flats (if you want to dance) and party the night away.

Mrs D

Clowning around Halloween costumes


For the guys that want to have a bit of a laugh, check out this clown outfit! A bit scary to look at at first but definitely a conversation starter once they see what is behind the mask!




Fancy being the clown of the party? – Well you certainly won’t be in this cute outfit. This is the Harlequin Honey costume by

Cute and creative, why not wear with odd colour Converses or Dr Martins!?


Fairytale Halloween costumes


Ever wondered what it would be like if, when the clock strikes 12, your skin begins to shed and fur starts to grow?

Your inner wolf or werewolf is released and you are toned as if you had been hitting the gym everyday for 3 years straight!?

Well, that will never happen but, you can get close to experiencing that feeling (kind of). have created a range of Fairytale costumes that are perfect for those late night adventures.



Vulnerable? Scared? Nieve? I think not!

Rebel against the stereotypes ladies and proudly wear this Red Riding ‘hot’ outfit! You are now grown and no longer ‘Little Red’!