Despite the fact that it had a pretty famous cast (Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo took centre stage), Begin Again seemed to take a back seat when it came to cinema showings. It may be because of the fact that I live in the depths of Somerset and most people are probably more interested in The Wurzels than the latest blockbuster…but this film definitely didn’t seem to be showing for very long. Even in my nearest city I think it was only playing for about a week.


Luckily for me I happened to take a road trip with a friend around the same time that Begin Again was released. And now that it’s out on DVD I think it definitely needs some attention. If you’re into music in films…go and buy it. Download it. Whatever. Even if you’re not into musicy-films, it will probably be your cup of tea. The friend I saw it with absolutely hates films with singing in…and she loved it. So much so that we ended up downloading the soundtrack straight away and it is now the only music I remember listening to on the long four-hour journey home.


The storyline follows Gretta (Keira Knightley), who follows her boyfriend (Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5) to New York when he lands a great record deal. As you would expect, it all falls apart. So far, so clichéd. Apart from, I didn’t know that Keira Knightley could actually sing. Just for discovering that this film is worth a watch.


If you’re into violent or horror films, this definitely isn’t the one for you. I was about to say that people who enjoy the romance genre will love this…but then it isn’t actually a romance. If anything I suppose you would have to class it as a film about finding yourself…it’s about hope and music, and the idea that you can do anything if you want it bad enough. And that maybe you don’t have to be famous to do that. It also features some hilarious comedy moments courtesy of James Corden, and explores family dynamics to top it all off. Basically, it’s an all-rounder (minus the gore). So if you fancy something easy but that’s actually got quite a nice storyline, give it a go. And I defy you to not like at least one song. Who knew Adam Levine could go that high?