It’s an addiction, a craving, an obsession. The need to be this ‘image of perfection’.

I can sense right now your eyes rolling to your thighs which may be just a little too big to look ‘good’ in those leather jeans you seen Michelle Keegan wearing last month. Then to your hair, which you haven’t washed in a few days as no matter how hard you try, you can never seem able to achieve a blow-dried hairdo like Cheryl Cole. The mention of ‘pretty’ starts off a spiral of scrutinizing thoughts.

Life just isn’t fair, is it? All those celebrities prancing around in their designer Louboutins’ while we slave away over essays in our sweats.

A new academic year is starting, and in preparation for college my first thought was, ‘new clothes’! And why? Because I have to look good, I have to be impressive, I have to be beautiful. The thoughts that encircle every student before the new year starts.

And that lead me to think, ‘well what is beautiful’? Is spending over £300 on various clothing and beauty products going to suddenly make me worthy of being socially accepted? Would I have not made friends if I didn’t buy that ‘must have’ item?

We all know the answer.

True beauty is from within. No matter what top you wear, how big your pout is or how many followers you have on Twitter, you are perfect, you are beautiful.

Yeah, you may not have a thigh gap, but let those leather jeans hug your luscious curves! And hey! Who cares if your hair is a bit flat, it only means the world can get a better look at who you are without all those cosmetic distractions! A natural, hard working and independent student, that won’t let no fashion craze or celebrity diets get you down.

Go to college in your joggers; sneak a double choc chip cookie into your lectures, just because you can! And if anybody has anything to say, they’re only jealous as they’re still left chasing to reach the fake image published to the world.

We are all beautiful in our own way; don’t get caught in the obsession to become something you’re not. Don’t become engulfed in the world of designer clothing and fake tans. No matter what anybody says, what any magazine promotes, there is no doubt that you are a fabulous chica with the world to give.

Never give up. Achieve. Succeed. Live.