My second year of university was going okay, and I was well into it, attending all the lectures (even the boring ones), and doing all my assignments and handing them before the allotted deadlines, but then the exam season ticked round.

I put in the time and revised hard, but the results were, shall we say, disappointing. They certainly didn’t reflect all those hours of effort and heroic self-sacrifice. But at least I did know the reason for the latest shadow casting its gloom over my life; it was my exam day state of mind. Every time I turned up, I was consumed with ludicrous levels of anxiety as my nerves took control and proceeded to turn my brain cells to slush. I must have looked in right old state as well, because even the invigilators asked if I was okay and made suggestions about how to keep calm, going as far as to recommend various off-the-shelf herbal remedies that I could find at my friendly neighbourhood chemist.
But nothing worked, and I went home for the holiday to face the wrath of my folks, who weren’t buying into my homespun rationale and just thought I was turning into one of those typical, lazy, excuse-making, good-for-nothing bums that they read about in the Daily Mail.
IMAG0287 Apart from my hurt personal pride, I did actually want to make myparents feel proud of me, so I resolved to find the answer and turn my exam-season holocaust into a never-to-be-experienced-again nightmare.
My starting point was the internet, and in particular, the many student forums that abound. As I suspected, I was not alone with my problem. Although many of the so-called remedies appeared to be rather lame, my research eventually led me to a website titled Nootropics UK and Aniracetam, a Nootropic supplement that could apparently control my exam nerves and anxiety. Little did I know it at the time, but that morning spent online had led me to the silver bullet that was to change my life and improve my grades to the level I believed my hard work and knowledge merited. I was like an athlete whose body was at the peak of perfection, but who could never give of his best because he kept getting stones in his shoes every time he ran. Now I knew how to keep those stones out, I could run my true race and show my real abilities.

I immediately sent off for some Aniracetam and began to see if it suited me and lived up to its reputation. I discovered that one 500mg dose lasts about two hours, so depending upon the length of any future exam, or indeed, any future stressful situation, I can be sure to take the correct dosage. My other findings are as follows.
On the plus side, Aniracetam:

  1. Greatly reduces my exam anxiety, so I no longer enter the examination hall in a dead funk with a blank mind.
  2. Helps me to manage and organize my studying. Gone are the days when I felt overwhelmed at the thought of everything I had to do. Now, I can sit down calmly and draw up a revision timetable so that everything gets done.
  3. Makes my studying more enjoyable. Probably because I am no longer panicking about fitting everything in to my agenda, I can relax more and actually take pleasure from what used to be a monotonous chore.
  4. Improves my attention in lectures. As any of you who have sat through hours of droning speakers will testify, it’s way too easy to allow your mind to wander to more pleasant matters. Now, I find myself listening more intently and taking more in.
  5. Improves my both my long- and short-term memory. Whether I’ve been studying or have just attended a lecture, I find that I can retain more information than I used to, and I can also recall things from a while back as if they occurred yesterday.
  6. Aids my recovery from a heavy night out. I’m not saying here that Aniracetam is a hangover cure or anything like that, but that it helps me to focus on what’s important when my brain would normally still be away with the fairies.
  7. Increases my levels of concentration and focus. Quite simply, I find I can sit down and really crack on with a project to the exclusion of competing interests.
  8. Improves my wakefulness. I find it easier to stay awake when I have to.
  9. Quickens my mind when it comes to doing mental calculations.
  10. Helps me remain calm in high stress situations and banishes that all-consuming anxiety that used to leave me paralyzed.

However, while the list of benefits is long and impressive, there are a few drawbacks.

  1. I sometimes find myself so engrossed in a subject that I get sidetracked away from my main focus and end up learning stuff that isn’t relevant to my studies.
  2. My increased enthusiasm for a particular subject doesn’t always resonate with my peers to the same extent.
  3. I find my surroundings more interesting than I used to, and as a result of my increased appreciation, when I walk somewhere, I occasionally arrive late.
  4. If I don’t stack Choline with Anirecetam, I often get a slight headache.
  5. I’m always thirsty.
  6. If I take too high a dose, I feel nauseous.
  7. I undergo a certain amount of time distortion and some events finish sooner than I think they will, although I guess that’s an advantage in lectures.

So, that’s my experience.
I’m certainly not suggesting that all students who suffer from exam nerves should rush out and buy Aniracetam from, rather that they should do their own research and see what’s best for themselves. If you do decide to try Aniracetam, do like I did and experiment in a non-exam situation first, being careful to adhere to the recommended dosage. The biggest mistake you can make is to walk into an exam room with an enhancer that your body isn’t familiar with.