Having an identical outfit to your friends is only fun if you’re going to a fancy dress party as the three musketeers. Whilst I don’t evaluate people based on the material they put on their backs, I do appreciate people who stick to their guns, not today’s pinnacle trend. This may be the most outlandish garment that even those kooky fashion designers would frown upon, but I’d love to see it over an Abercrombie top and Ugg combo any day.


– Try shopping unaccompanied once in a while
Whilst it is reassuring to get a comrades opinion, I know if I was shopping alone I would be more likely to pick up those patterned trousers and stay true to what I feel comfortable in.


– Visit a vintage store
You may have to hunt around a little (lot), but some of the best buys can be found in thrift shops or markets. Recently I snooped around Camden market and found a cool pinafore. Although a well known brand, I also adore the ‘Urban Renewal’ section of Urban Outfitters.


– D.I.Y
Make your own scarf/hat or jumper (for those who are spirited). Or if you know someone (e.g. nan with knitting know how), ask them politely to create you a unique garment and offer a nice gesture in return.


– Look at magazines, old and new
If you have any magazines lying around, cut and paste the clothing of your desires into a small notebook and bring it along with you when you’re shopping.


– Look at style icons, old and new
My favourite means of finding fashion inspiration is through watching  films and music videos or reading books etc etc.


– Be daring
We don’t live forever so try to escape the mistake of taking life too seriously. Wearing that bright orange shirt is surely more exciting anyway? What is the worst that can happen? The more you wear something you’re not used to, the more you should become comfortable in it.


– Accessorise
If being slightly hypocritical because I can never be bothered to don a hat or statement necklace, accessories can vamp up an otherwise boring outfit, so instead of spending loads of money you don’t have to spruce up your wardrobe, rediscover your jewellery stand.


– Have a staple you can work around
Having an item of clothing that no one else you know owns, will make you distinctive. I feel good in my denim jacket and in the up and coming chilly months, I look forward to wearing my tartan scarf, that has been dubbed a ‘Paddington Bear scarf’. Compliment or not, I thought that was flattering.