Spoiler Alert!

Avenger’s: Age of Ultron was one of the most anticipated films of 2015, with both comic book fans and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, quivering with excitement around the globe. It was the sequel to Joss Whedon’s epic superhero adventure of 2012 – Avengers Assemble – and as far as sequels go, it more than lived up to its predecessor.

Part of what made the first Avenger’s film such a success was that it was the first of it’s kind. The first film to really bring together an ensemble of heroes from different films and place them all on the big screen at the same time, it was a task many thought to be extremely difficult, but Avengers Assemble proved it could be done.

AoU is further proof, right from the opening credits we’re thrust into action as the team battle against Hydra forces, the fight scenes in this film surpass the first one by a mile, we see some truly epic things. Within five minutes we’ve already paid witness to Captain America flipping his bike over and launching it into a tank, we then see Thor smash his hammer against Captain’s shield creating a sonic boom effect that tears through enemy ranks – it’s just awesome. Later in the film we also get to see Black Widow fight with Captain America’s shield which is pretty fun to see, it’s strangely really cool seeing a character use another characters main weapon. Visually the film is incredible, Ultron and The Vision look magnificent and the scene with the whole country of Sokovia being lifted from the earth is spine tinglingly brilliant. Speaking of which, Ultron is the main villain in this film, there is no Loki which has gotten a few people (fans of Tom Hiddleston) ticked off! Ultron, however is a brilliant villain, James Spader voices him and brings a humorous evil to the character. He cracks a few jokes here and there but he never loses his intimidation factor. Rest assured Loki lovers, your man will undoubtedly feature in Thor: Ragnarok, sometime in 2017.

Ultron isn’t the only new character we’re introduced to as we see three new Avengers by the end of the film; Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision. For those with a good memory you’ll remember Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being debuted during the post credits scene of Captain America: Winter Soldier, where they’re shown to be prisoners of Hydra who’ve been experimented on. In this film they start off as the bad guys on Hydra’s side, then joining Ultron, largely down to a personal vendetta they had against Tony Stark (Iron Man) but they quickly realise that Ultron’s plan to destroy all human life on earth is not really a great idea, so they join up with the Avengers for the final battle. I enjoyed the introduction of these two characters, it’s always nice to see new superheros, Scarlet Witch is perhaps one of the more powerful characters now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so seeing her in future films should be fun. Her ‘magic’ mind altering powers reak havoc amongst the Avengers during the film and she really played a huge part in the final battle, along with her twin Quicksilver. My only criticism of them both were that their accents were a bit iffy, sometimes it felt like they were drifting between American and a kind of Russian sounding, but anyways it doesn’t ruin the film! Vision is another massive Marvel character from the comics, in this film he’s created almost half by Iron Man and half by Ultron. It’s pretty complicated to explain so I’ll leave it at that, if you watched the film then you’ll understand what I mean. He’s an immensely powerful being thanks to him having the mind gem from Loki’s scepter and he ultimately is the key to them taking down Ultron, there was no way they would’ve managed it without him. We even see him pick up Thor’s hammer, the only character who managed to do so!

The introduction of new characters combined with the old ones really makes this film great, we got more of a look at Hawkeye in this film, which is a positive because he’s often the butt of the jokes and under appreciated. Personally, call me weird, but I’ve always loved the ‘bow and arrow’ hero, Green Arrow, Katniss, even Legolas was my favorite from LOTR, so I really enjoyed seeing more Hawkeye on screen. Thanks to Scarlet Witch’s mind tricks we also get to delve into the minds of Thor, Captain America and Black Widow, which was interesting because we saw a look at Black Widows past, what she was put through in a special training school to become a secret spy. Inside Thor’s mind we really see a set up for the next Thor film, he has visions of Asgard in trouble after an attack and these lead him to go home at the films end to see whats up. There was a lot of that in this film, set ups for the ‘phase three’ Marvel films, the introduction of vibranium and Wakanda lead in to the Black Panther film, where the disagreements on views between Captain America and Iron Man pave way to the Captain America: Civil War film.

All in all I really found this film to exceed my expectations, if you’re a fan of the Marvel franchise then I’ve no doubt you’ll love the film. My only negatives were, as I said, the accents of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, they just felt odd. I also thought that some of the humour was a tiny bit forced, but only some.

There’s plenty of action combined with a comic book style humor and wit, its a really good watch. If you’re expecting a huge, dark, gritty film like The Dark Knight trilogy then maybe this isn’t for you. It’s typically Marvel, typically brilliant, a big, grand spectacle that’s fun for the whole family. Avengers: Age of Ultron was well worth the wait and well worth the money you pay for a ticket and jumbo popcorn.