On the eve of the game final against Celtic, Budge has come out to say that Scottish football is going to come out weaker as the result of recent events, but the clubs are desperate to try and end this year on a high. Ann Budge has stated that she hopes to try and end a very desperate year on a high as the Hearts go up against Celtic.

Of course, sympathy from the Tynecastle team really was the last thing that Celtic wanted. They had protests against Neil Lennon and even the board of directors considered they were serious enough to arrange some police intervention. Ann Budge, who is the owner of the club has actively recognised this dissent. Craig Levein has struggled, and he has lost the job as the manager of Hearts in the year 2019. Budge was in the eye of the storm in the same way that she did not approve of it when it happened to Craig but at the end of the day, she cannot help but feel for Neil. It is situations like this that go on to impact the Scottish Premiership odds and the way in which Scottish football is perceived in general.

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She knows the passion and she knows how much it means to those around them but at the end of the day it would appear that the team are having a bad run. It happens to everyone from time to time but it’s unpleasant. You can deal with the situation for so long but after this time it begins to feel unpleasant and some might even say that it begins to wear you down as well. To Budge’s detractors, human emotion will serve as a reminder of the softness of Heart. The self-made millionaire who chose to step forward and save her club from the clutches of a worrisome administration just 6 years ago knows about brickbats. She has stated that she can in fact be self-deprecating about it but has also been criticised for spending money that the team do not have. She has come out to say that she did not do this at all. She spent money that she knew they had and that she does not believe that they should go into a discussion about this. She has said that she has always spent the money wisely and that if this year has been difficult, then it has been made even more so after the exit of Levein. The tenure of Daniel Stendel has collided with ejection from the top flight under some very controversial circumstances and that this is going to be an issue. At the end of the day, only time knows what the future holds but at the end of the day it would seem that there are some changes that need to be made and that if nothing is done soon then this could go on to affect the future of Scottish football.