September 22nd is an eagerly awaited date for alternative music fans everywhere. The follow up album to Alt-J’s astounding, An Awesome Wave is on its way! This Is All Yours is anticipated to be just as good as their debut album released in May of 2012. However you don’t need to take my word for it. As a build up to the release, the Leeds based band have given a sneak preview of just three enticing songs.

All three tracks follow the unusual and slightly psychedelic roadwork previously set out by An Awesome Wave for which the band have become known.  Yet the group of four appear to have added new sounds as well as mystery to the album, particularly with the lead single- Hunger Of The Pine. They joined forces with Miley Cyrus who provided vocal backing to the song, which vocalist Unger-Hamilton described as, “giving the song a little kick, like putting whisky in coffee.” With almost 2,400,000 YouTube views in 2 months for Hunger Of The Pine alone, it’s obvious that Alt-J fans agree, and as one myself, it’s hard to argue!

Joining the pre-released tracks is quirky Every Other Freckle.  Seemingly halfway between Tessellate and Something Good from their debut album, this track continues with the bands individual wacky theme. Yet they have gone bigger and bolder than before by incorporating a choir of flutes. Which doesn’t seem sensible on paper, but which fits perfectly in practice, this almost seems to describe Alt-J in one sentence. Finally, we have a more upbeat track in the form of Left Hand Free which continues their trend of reinventing modern rock by putting their own unique spin on it.

Many things may have changed between the two albums, however it is evident that the new album is set to replicate the success of An Awesome Wave and from the three teaser tracks, it’s easy to understand why. With eleven more tracks to be released, one thing’s for certain – it’s going to be a long two weeks.

To see the videos for the three tracks or to sample some of Alt-J’s older work visit their YouTube Page at: