The term ‘YOLO’ has become an overnight sensation, something which seems to have people hash-tagging nearly everyday on the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s popularity is due to the song ‘The Motto’ by Drake. Obviously Drake invented this acronym of course, and that is why people feel the need to credit it in every single status or tweet. Some people must not know this, but the phrase has been a motto for people for a long time. Yes, that’s true. However in many cases, the term has been blown out of proportion and people over use it by hash-tagging it in pictures and wall posts because of the trend.
To me, there is no way to recover or redeem yourself once you’ve used ‘YOLO’ incorrectly. You either have no idea what the combination of letters mean, or simply the phrase itself is unclear to you. The phrase ‘you only live once’ should refer to events in life that end in an appreciation for the world around you, reflecting on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and moments. It should not be used as a justification as to why you went out last night and got absolutely smashed off your face.

Y ou
O bviously
L ack
O riginality