I’m not usually one to go into detail about which band’s I like, as I generally like a variety of music styles.

However, after a trip to The Butterfly Cabinet in Newcastle on Saturday night, I realised I had to get the word out there.

The Dunwells (http://thedunwells.com)  were playing, and my friend knows some of the band members so I went along. Indie/Folk singers from Leeds, the lads play covers of some more popular songs like Pumped up Kicks, as well as many of their own.

A favourite of mine is Blind Sighted Faith.

If you like Mumford and Sons or Elbow, you will LOVE these.

I met the lads afterwards, and my fiance shook on the deal for them to play at our wedding in two years! haha. I think a contract needs to be drawn up because this band is going to be big.

They are a great band, still firmly down to Earth with a sense of still working for the everyday person. They love playing, you can see it in the expressions. A real, British band

Their debut album is due out on February 21st … you should check them out on Youtube.