1: Watch Game of Thrones Season 4

If you have not watched it already like every other person on the planet you are missing out and if you have, watch it again. Not only is the show brilliant and wonderfully executed, whilst watching it you may realise there is more to it than any other show on TV at the moment. The lesson to pick up is life is not fair and can be very harsh if not careful. Westeros serves as a reminder of that, so when you get back to University remember to outsmart as many people as us can because the employment sector after graduation is cut throat competitive.

2: Look for a decent cheap supermarket

You weekly shop should be second nature to you by now but take a few seconds and look at the options there is plenty of savings to be made at your local grocers. Don’t be lazy the more you save on each shop the more variety you will have than beans on toast. Asda and ALDI come to mind.

3: Gum tree and Facebook for textbooks

If you happen to be at a University where your core textbooks are not provided for free apart from the copies in the library hit up gum tree and Facebook there are plenty of bargains to be found from previous students looking to make a little extra cash before heading to high-street bookshops.

4: Budgeting and finance

Easily the one thing most of us students fail to do effectively. If done carefully you will significantly reduce the amount and reliance on your overdraft. Plan for everything from food to transport to stationary once you know your budget look for bargains and buy in bulk its cheaper in the long run. Getting official banking app to keeps tabs on spending.

5: Do a bit of light reading ahead

If you know your modules and have you time table for the new year try and do a bit of light reading ahead, nothing too stressful just something to give you a flavour if what’s to come and give you an extra edge in the first lecture.

6: Get used to being active

It’s been proven time and time again that staying active and exercise are good for you, not only health wise but as a student the more oxygen the brain get the better. Hence exercise will make you a better if not smatter student.

7: Let you hair down and have a bit of fun

Enjoy yourself during fresher’s week but not too much just enough to get you relaxed and ready for the New Year cause once the ball is rolling you won’t have time for partying.

8: Practice prepping weekly meals

Make meals for a whole week in advance to give you more time to do other things. It’s simple and will only take up a few hours of you Sunday evening but will give you more time during the week.


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