With the release of the Playstation 4 at the end of 2013 the flow of games being released has been predictably slow. There have been highlights of course to tide us over with games like Watchdogs, Killzone Shadow fall and Infamous Second Son giving us a glimpse of what the new console is capable of. Along with those marquee games there have also been a lot of smaller games that are to keep the controller in our hands with the incredible Resogun and highly addictive Don’t Starve standing out as little known gems. There have also been remastered versions of  Tomb Raider and the superb The Last of Us for us to revisit but it has been a trickle rather than a stream of games. This lack of games has been compounded by what seems like a never ending list of delays as devolopers take more time to create a game that will live up to the PS4s potential. Fret not though fellow gamers because 2015 is going to see a ton of great games hitting the market and taking over our lives much to the dismay of our neglected partners. Here is my list of games to get you excited and your partner hiding the controller next year. I’ve even added some links to gameplay videos so you can check them out for yourselves


Tom Clancy’s: The Division

After a pandemic runs riot in New York City society falls apart and people go crazy really fast and you are part of a team trained for such catastrophic events. From the pictures and limited game play that has been released it looks stunning and really will put the PS4 to good use. It is very much a multiplayer game where you can roam the post apocalyptic world with friends and complete co-op missions together. One video shows three friends involved in a fire fight and another friend appears on a tablet to give by flying a drone to locate the enemies position. It looks amazing and will surely be one of the games of the year.


The Order: 1886

Set in Victorian era London, you will play through an alternate history as a Knight of the Order, a secret brotherhood created to do battle against some super natural foes. Thanks to the recent industrial revolution the order posses some high tech weaponry to aid them in this war that has been raging for centuries. The game has a very dark look as you would expect with a story like that and a fog covered Victorian London will create the perfect atmosphere and be really cool to see.



Four players chase an ever evolving monster around the dangerous planet Shear. It would all be pretty standard stuff apart from the fact the monster is also controlled by another player not AI that becomes easy to predict after three rounds. With different combinations of hunters, monsters and environments changes how you play the game meaning there is no end to the fun to be had. Everything I hear about it makes me thing it is going to be huge and I can’t wait to play it.


Little Big Planet 3

There can’t be many people who play games that don’t know what Little Big Planet is about, for those few its about creation, customization and fun. You will control Sack Boy through a wonderfully crafted platformer levels. Once you’ve completed the single player you can move on to the thousands of levels created by others or try creating one yourself for others to enjoy. My inner child cannot wait for this release and it provides a refreshing palate cleanser after all the brutal game play that will be around.


Mortal Combat X

The classic beat em up arrives on next gen to delivery the latest dose of frenetic fighting action. Classic characters meet some new ones in the arena to battle to the death in traditionally bloody style. I grew up playing Mortal Combat games and can’t wait to see some brutal fatalities with amazing graphics which might be a little worrying but hey who doesn’t love hearing those words… Finish Him


No Mans Sky

I was just toying with the idea of turning the Sony E3 press conference off, it was three in the morning and I had work the next morning, when a presentation for a new game began. A game that no one player would have the same experience with. That is a bold statement especially when you consider it came from a small indie company called Hello Games. The premise is simple you are given a ship and a procedurally generated universe filled with all manner of plants and wild life to explore. Each world you come across will be different to the last and will hold surprise for you to share with the community of players. No play starts on the same planet which in itself implies a vast universe just waiting to be explored and with a game engine that creates every possible evolution of any one species of plant of animal the variations are literally endless.

Its only the middle of August and I can’t wait for 2015 to arrive with these titles and many more that will change the way we game. I am sure there will be many games to follow these awesome titles and that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg right now but soon enough we will be inundated with top quality games that we can’t put down but for now we will have to content ourselves with the upcoming Destiny (if you didn’t play the beta trust me when I tell you it was unreal and you should check it out) and other Autumn releases, its such a hard life.

Next Years Game of the Year?

Next Years Game of the Year?