Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, but you will not want a wedding that costs so much money that it will make life difficult as you start this new chapter together. This is why it is helpful to know a few of the best ways that you can save money on a wedding while still having the best possible day.

  1. Choose an Alternative Time

It is understandable why most people want to get married in the summer months, but you might find that it is much cheaper and easier to secure a venue if you opt for an alternative time. There is something special about a winter wedding and steps can be taken to make this manageable and/or you could consider a weekday wedding – just be sure to let your guests know as early as possible.

  1. Choose Affordable Invitations

Following this, the invitations can actually end up costing a fortune if you are not careful which is why you need to find a trusted supplier that offers affordable yet stylish options, such as the Card Factory.

  1. Use Your Friends & Family

Chances are that you will know somebody that can help with the wedding and this can be much more affordable than having to hire someone. This could be a friend who is a photographer, a family member with a love of cooking/baking, someone who can do hair and/or makeup or even a musician friend or DJ that can provide the music for the wedding.

  1. Use the Same Ceremony & Reception Venue

Places that can do both the ceremony and reception can help you to save a fortune, plus it will save a lot of hassle in terms of decor and travel. This way, you will not be paying for two venues, you will not have to pay for and arrange group travel and often these venues do not need much in terms of decoration.

  1. No Corkage Venue

Following this, if you find a no corkage venue then you will be able to bring in your own alcohol as opposed to having to pay for the alcohol that the venue uses. This means that you could take advantage of supermarket deals or even drive over to France to stock up. Keep in mind that spirits are much more expensive than beer and wine.

Hopefully, this post will help you to make big savings on your wedding day while still ensuring that you have the best day ever surrounded by loved ones.